I Really Miss My Best Friend = ' (

Me and this girl go way back since our early highschool days, we have known eachother for 8yrs now, and jus recently got into a really bad fight and ended up blocking off eachother, my best friend and I were inseperatable no matter what happened we would always be there for eachother, I remember back in highschool every weekend we would jus wander scarborough town centre, didnt buy anything, just walk around for hours! and just talk about anything, I felt so comfortable around her, I could tell her anything, and she would never judge, than the beginning of gr10 we began getting into arguments, but nothing to serious that would tear us apart, we were seperated for a year until one summer day, I decided it was time to end the fued and make peace again, so after we talked it over, we both decided to be friends again, and after that little fight we even became closer than we were before. I miss those days.. Im looking back on the past, just the memories we had.. and the fact I dumped my ex for her.. I really miss her there is not even a day that goes by that I don't shed a tear now n than. its now 2010 and she's expecting a baby girl in the end of may. and I realize that it will never be the way it was before.. and I understand completely but it hurts soo much especially what I miss most, is just enjoying her company. I remember back in the younger years we would both stay over at eachother's houses and watch movies, and eat junk food, and cause mischief on halloween, especially for this group in our highschool that thought they were the ****, when really we scared the **** outta them, when my best friend k and her sister and I made a trip up to old finch bridge, cause we all heard the stories and legends what goes on around there. So us girls decided it was about time to freak those guys out, and boy did they jus run out of there like bulls lol.. good times. we all had a good laugh after that, We both used to go clubbing alot too, my first drink and club it was with her. I never smoked but she did of course, and I didnt mind at all, considering alot of my family members did, but god.. after 8yrs its jus too much to let that one special person in ur life go, and to think I was gonna ask her to be my maid of honor someday.. I was really gonna ask her I even told her sister at her 21st birthday, mind u was the best yet, except she cried a little bit and no one should ever cry on their birthday, so I took her to her bf's place where they could talk and make up, cause she really cared and loved this guy, than I have ever seen her before, yet this guy would sometimes give her a  hard time she still loved him.. and I couldn't see why, but than again when u love someone soo much its hard to just let them go.. well back to recent events we got into a major fight regarding driving places and words were said, anger was spread and blocking and deleting friend statuses were also erased, I tried to reconsile a week later she kept pushing me even further, I guess she has made her decision its hard to let go of someone who changed ur life in so many different ways I cry just thinking about what we used to have she was really the sister I never had, I miss her alot, and I hope one day we could go back to how we were but I doubt that will ever happen, I just want her to know that I love her and I truely miss her ,  and im really sorry for putting "best friends for never with you *****" You know I never meant that.. if I could turn back time I would I just don't know who to turn too anymore.. I don't know who my real friends anymore either.. and you were definitely one of my real friends, even if we fought alot, atleast we both knew that even fights could never break us, but this one sure did.. Im getting too emotional right now I wish we never had that fight, u will always leave a footprint in my heart. =' ( I miss you karen

MizzAriez MizzAriez
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2010