Losing My Best Friends Over Phone Sex And Jealousy :-/

Recently i fought with my only best friends,we got into an argument. It all started went she got real turn on and well I confess I was too, by trying too get some random fb guy in her fb inboxes horny we ended getting turn on(by the way I had her password and she had mine). Out of no were she told me she was gonna call me later because she was going to go too the party lines with guys because she's really turn on. She hanged up, few minutes she texted me saying she was all getting wet with guys. I felt so much jealousy and hate IDK why. I ask her why she didn't do it with me and told me because I was her best friend. So I guess :-/...... Minutes later she called me and says she's with a guy she likes and wants advice (we usually give advice too each other as best friends) she put me in hold for a while and i hanged up, she calls me and me feeling upset and jealous text her "no"! then later again she calls again and I text her "I'll call you in a bit, I'm with a girl and I'm really horny with this girl on the phone, I'll call you later just like you did went you were with those guys", she tells me that that's full of **** and textes me again saying that she hates me and never too talk too her again.....At this point I've felt all my trust 4 her is gone and disappointed, I hardly gave my trust too her after not trusting anyone, alut so I gave up messing around cuz the way she guided me to not do thing too girls and such.I guess some were in there I liked her...Recently I found out she's the type of girl you'll call freaks. Any ways,I hacked her dating account she has on some website and expose it so every body can check her chats and hoe she is,I thinkvii really made matters worst of ever getting her back, honestly I don't think I want her back. IDK I'm just so lost and confuse....
jrterrazas jrterrazas
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2012