My Marine

When i was in the 9th grade, i Russian boy came to our skol. some how we ended up being friends, and for the rest of our highschool career me him and my other friend were the as close as you can get. i told him everyting, never once thinking of him as anything other than my best friend. well a month before we graduate highschool i found out i was pregnant. (the father is not nor has neva been in the picture). Max actually took me being preg harder than even my parents. He had already signed up for the Marines and was set to leave for basic in august. we pretty much spent the whole summer together, but i still had no feelings for him. i never thought there could be anything between us. well as soon as he left for boot camp and wasn't always there, i started to realize i had feelings for him. as soon as he got out of boot camp we were back to hangin out al the time, but still nothing happeneed. i had my baby a week after he got back. he kept coming ova but it wasnt until a week before he was to leave for MCT did i finally realize what i was feeling. so i told him. we started dating a month later after he got out of MCT, (he left in December, got out in January) but he didnt get to come home. he went to MOS school next. once everyone found out i was told that apparently i was the only one who did not realize that max was in love with me the whole time we were in highschool. lol. well it was really hard not getting able to see him. he got 4 days leave in February and i saw him then, and then he graduated MOS school in April. we pretty much spent his whole 20 days together. and then he left yesterday to go to japan for two years. and im so depressed right now. i dnt now how to go on. i already miss him so much. i cant iamage two years with out him.
ashnmax011011 ashnmax011011
May 3, 2011