I'm The Worst Girlfriend In The World!!

so my boyfriend Coby is suppose to go on underway for a month and I know yu guys might say that is not along time but he just got back from a 10 month deployment 3 weeks ago.. He comes back next month for just one month and leaves on another 8 month deployment.. It's killing me but I say I am the worst girlfriend cause he told me he was leaving on the 16th 2 weeks ago and I was planning to spend all my free time and take school off cause my sorority knows I have a navy boyfriend I don't get to see often so they didn't mind.. Coby texts me while at work and asks if he can see me and I said sure after work but I let my brother use my car and he couldn't take his cause he was drinking.. Well that night I found out he was leaving the next day and I could not even get to see him.. I didn't get a goodbye kiss or hug.. I just got abtext saying he loves me and he will see me next month.. I feel like i could have tried harder to see him but now my heart is out at sea.. How do I cope?
HisAngel90 HisAngel90
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2011