It Feels Like He Doesn't Exist Anymore:(

Hello everyone! April 1st was the last time I saw my love, he left for boot camp. My brother just got out of the marines a year or two ago so I've been through this before. I know this is the worst part and I just need to get through it, but it just seems to get worse everyday with out him. He's my best friennd. I'm only 18 and I'm ending my senior year in high school without him. He missed my prom which isn't really a big deal I already forgot about it, he's missing my graduation and I went to his last year, which I cried at haha, and he'll be missing our 2 years anniversary on June 12th, I just miss him so much and I don't really have anyone to talk to, I hide my emotions to everyone, I have to be strong at home, work, and school, I have to be the strong girlfriend. No one understands and I just feel like my best friend just doeesnt exis:( I sit and wait for a letter and hearing from him just keeps me sane. I write him everyday and I just miss him so much:(
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Wow, so close to the same date haha, and the marines. Thank youu, im trying so hard! Im so close but not close enough. It kills me more and more each day. i try to handle the emotions and keep myself on steady level of control. Its hard, but im a strong girl. I graduate on tuesday and i dont know what im gonna do. i saw him graduate high school last year and i cried at his. I dont know how im gonna handle myself at my own haha im nervous:(

My boyfriend and my two year is on June 10th! Close to yours haha, and I'm basically the same, I went to his graduations last year and cried and Im only a year younger than you so im not graduating this year, but I am next year when his ship is set to deploy (most likely missing my graduation) :( I can deal with him not being there for prom but graduation is hard for me. He's been in the Navy for about 7 months now so i think were doing pretty good! Just stay busy and be strong for your man! Wheat branch is he in?

Im in the same position as you! he left april 23rd (the day before our one year.) he missed prom and he will be missing my graduation and my eighteenth bithday on june 14th! You will get through it! its tough, really tough, some days more so then others, you just have to stick it out! message me if you ever need anything! are you planning on going to his graduation?

Im trying my hardest to stay busy and stay strong! And i know us strong women were matched with military men for a reason:) I do miss him but i've been trying not to think about it but when im alone that is the only thing i think about:( and marines:) how about yours?

Thank you!! It really helps!! i really appreciate it! before this site, i just felt alone and so upset. it helps that im not the only one being strong:) and im so sorry, i couldnt imagine waiting that long. I always think i can do it. but going throught it is just extremely hard!