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So I know my bf loves me and I know he writes as much as he can but the dumb mailman always takes forever to bring it to me!! I get so anxious when I know the mail is about to arrive and then...nothing. I googled it and they say processing takes forever at the bases. In my opinion their just lazy. I get that there is a lot of mail coming in and out but there is a lot of mail coming in and out everywhere in the world and it dosnt take that long! But I can't imagine how he feels when after a hard long day training he finds himself going to bed with no new letters and no news from me. It hurts me :( I don't want him to feel like I'm not writing everyday. But I know I have to be strong for him. He's worth it. And I will repeat that to myself everyday for the rest of his military career.
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Trust me, they aren't lazy. They have way more going on at the ba<x>ses than just basic training. When there are over 1000 people in training at a time in one place, yes it takes a long time. And there are only certain times that they can send mail, if they don't have time in there day to get to the post office then they can't send it.

He told me the mail comes to them but for the past week they like would come at random times when they were out training so he couldn't send anything. Before I used to get a letter three days after he sent it till recently and I guess that's the reason. But he is getting more busy now and I get that so I ok now :) thanks for your comment. Anything helps

Oh well yeah the mail does come to them! But when my boyfriend was in training he had to take his own letters that he wanted to send to me to the mailbox!

Oh really? Yeah I guess it's different. Idk I'll ask him haha i probably misundrstood

Omg! I am so sorry to hear about all that :( and I hope you do get a call soon. If you want to talk about anything and let it out just send me a private message. Yeah that sounds not so good but you seem so strong. I look up to you! I hope I can be strong like that too. But yeah just hang in there sweetie! You'll be ok

Thats the way i am. But dont worry itz normal.

I feel the same way about the mail! Even though I know there really isn't anyone to directly blame I get frustrated regardless. I'm still staring out my window waiting for the mail to come and praying that there will be something in there from him since it's been about a week since I last heard from him. This is definitely quite the test and it sucks but I know in the end it'll be worth it to finally have him back and know how strong our relationship is and what it can withstand :)

Yes exactly! I feel better when I look on to the future because I know tgat alot of good things will come out of it as well you know? But we are here for eachother :) so if you ever need comfort of any kind I would be more then happy to be that person to vent with :) I didnt get a letter today again :( its ok though. I know they will come eventually.

I didn't get a letter either /: my boyfriend is finishing up training week six, so I know he's getting busier and has less time to write. It's hard going on without hearing from him. I always have these ridiculous thoughts that the letters will say that he no longer loves me. But every letter just confirms his love more so I don't know why I always worry. 41 more days and hell officially be a Marine and back with me, if even for a short time, it'll be so great to see him. Although, now that I'm getting so much closer it sometimes feels harder than it did in the beginning. I just hope it passes. I can't wait to see him! But I'm always here too if you need to talk! :) I don't ever talk to any of my friends about this stuff so I love meeting new people on here to talk to about it all.

Oh man we are on the same exact page!! I worry that he will tell me he no longer loves me and I'll tell my mom and she's like "wow your crazy! Read those letters over again. Does it really seem like he dosnt love you?" and I like dang she's right! Idk why I stress so much if he's like constantly calling me beautiful and making sure he tells me he loves me a telecast five times in every letter. He's just great. And yes I do no talk to anyone about this. I feel like it bugs people and I feel like the just don't know where I'm coming from.

At least**

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Heimgirl is right, its not just them being broken down and rebuilt, its everyone involved! Boot camp has been hell for me and even if its nobody's fault, I hate this whole slow mail situation. Not blaming anyone, Im just saying. Chase signed his letter on June 29th, it was stamped by the postal people July 2nd and I got it July 5th. Its not fair because our boyfriends being gone is hard enough, but when our only real source of communication takes days just to get through, it makes me wanna punch a midget! I'm here for ya girl, we can vent about our no letter days together!

Hahahahahahahahaha I am quickly starting to love you! Lol "punk a midget"!!!!! Hahaha that one got me. Lol. But yeah let's vent and be strong!

Hahaha ;) well we gotta have our freakout before being alright again! we got this!

Just think we won't have to rely on mail forever. Even when they get deployed there is usually e-mail or something like that. It is a test for all of us but the hardest part is just dealing with boot camp. We all are being broken and rebuilt. Believe me I'm broken but I know this last month of hardly any communication will be my rebuilding :-) try to think of it that way.

Yes it does take a long time.Don't blame them blame Washington. they are cutting back workers laying them off. Which means less bodies. And do you know how many letters and all sorts of mail they get in a single day. A FREAKING TON! SO really it's their fault and plus with the wicked heat wave they aren't lazy they're extremely tired. I know it's hard. He won't be upset that he doesn't get letters everyday. he will be to damn tired. Trust me Drew is the same way he's tired at night. I know your frustrated but please the mailmen/women are doing the best that they can with what they are given. And not to mention The military is not exactly known for their reliability. It's far more complicated than you think it is. Yes i know it's hard but you just have to put yourself in their shoes. He knows how the system works he knows that yeah the postal service isn't the most reliable but hey when you get mail you get mail. I'm still waiting for mine and its been close to a week. Not getting any letters for a while its hard but really what its doing is training you too for the real test. To see how long you can last without any communication at all. Because the real test comes when the enevetable comes and they have to break the news that they're getting deployed. I always tell myself I think is tough. Ha this is nothing compared to what it will be. But knowing everyday I'm getting stronger helps. But please don't blame them they are already getting blamed for enough already as it is.

Yeah I completely agree. He called me right now and told me that their mail system was down all week. I don't blame them. It's just out of desperation. I know that this is nothing compared to how it will be when he's deployed. I'm trying to be stronger and I will be. :) thank you

I'm jealous he can call you. But i'm assuming last week his was down because it took a week for me to get one letter

How long has your bf been gone? Cuz the first letter takes forever! Well at least it seems like it. My bf writes every single day it's cute. I have 15 letters in total right now. But calls are rare because they have to earn it and they will give them five minutes if they're lucky :-/ my bf was fortunate to have good friends because he called three days in a row. The first day with his phone and the next day with his friends phone but he didn't call me he only called his dad and then yesterday he only called me and that was from a different phone. So yeah his friends really like him for them to be letting him use the phone.

I haven't gotten a call I only have 10 letters he's been gone for almost three months. But wont get to see him until december and right now a lot of thingz have spiraling down and I can't tell him how ifeel because i don't want to worry him. Now letters will be less and less because they are hitting blue phase which is field training so less and less free time. He doesn't write everyday like me because we're both busy but can when I'm able too. I know i won't get to talk to him until august. at least maybe then I don't know. He has to call his mom first. Its our rule well mine actually he has no choice in that rule. I haven't talked to him since may. last letter i recieved was saturday last week. I'm surprised at how calm i am right now for all the news i've gotten today. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. But I hope to get letters tomorrow. I know he should be getting both of mine tomorrow. But if not then oh well. I saw his mom today and got some not so good news about someone. But it kinda kills me to keep things from him. but your lucky you got a call and so many letters.

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