Hes Been Gone For 2 Months.

My boyfriend is at Parris Island, SC. He is training to be a Marine. It's been 2 out of the 3 months he's been gone. I'm soo happy for him that he's there. I just miss him, the letters I get are sad and he sounds like an underfed, overtired, really wanting physical contact (a whole lot more) guy now. From his countless letters he has basically told me he is underfed and not getting enough food, this makes me worried about him. Then he says the freetime has been getting smaller and he's not allowed to take naps anymore. He told me he hasn't had a hug or a handshake since he's left and has had no "nice" physical contact I guess you could say. He talks about how when we see each other the first hug is going to be so amazing.

I'm new to all of this military girlfriend thing. I guess I could just use some advice? Everyday I write in a journal about what I did from when I woke up to when I go to bed, it's like a therapy for me almost. And I'm going to give it to him when he's on his 10 days leave.

We've been dating 7 months now, the day before our 5 months is the day he shipped out. I tried to be cute and send him a letter to get to him on our 6 months, it worked(: he really liked that alot. I've sent him mine and ours prom picture amd that seemed to cheer him up. He says it's a dull bland place. I've drawn absolutely silly pictures to make him laugh. And he's done the same(: I mapped out the rearranging of furnature in my room, and just try to make things interesting.

He likes it when I write alot and in much detail. I try to write as much as I can and as often as I can, but I have 2 jobs and it's hard to write all the time. He told his mom he feels neglected by her not writing alot, he usually sounds some what okay when he writes me but when I talk to her she says hes depressed and all this other stuff. But she's brain damaged, literally, from a car accident so.... I'm not sure to believe her half the time.

Is this normal for him to be so depressed? Did your military person say they felt like they were being underfed? I guess I'm just a worry wart. I miss him like crazy and I can't wait to squeeze him super duper tight!!
McCaela McCaela
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012