Need To Speak My Mind

Ok I need to get this of my chest or it will kinda eat at me. I'm honestly sick of being told Ryan's not much of a boyfriend because he's never here for me. 1st off its not like he said of course I want to go to Japan for four months after being away from my girl for five months already. Second he's doing something so much greater than any of the guys where I live so I can't complain about that. Just because he not here doesn't mean we aren't going through a hard time. Some one actually had the audacity to tell me that we aren't going throught the hardest part of our relationship, seriously being away from a man you've completely fallen for by having to talk on a phone because unfortunately that's the circumstances you've been given. I've been through enough hard stuff in my life that I don't need a man standing by my side 24/7 to get me through everything. I've faced enough challenges, having two kids with a man who treated me like crap, leaving him and raising my kids on my own, battling an eating disorder on a daily basis since I was 15, and all the ish from my parents when I was younger and they divorced. Being away from Ryan is not as hard of a challenge but he was not in my life through all my hardest moments and he's now here to support me as I go through more. I support him on everything I can now and I can't wait to see him come home but just because he's not here doesn't mean he's not a boyfriend. Love is a feeling and its what I feel for him, he's the most amazing man that has walked into my life and I'm so greatful that he did, and to all those who can't understand the relationship we have stop opening your mouth your opinions don't matter anymore and stop trying to bring me down. I love Ryan more than anything (well not more than my kids) but he's so important to me and I would do anything to make sure we can stay together through anything that gets thrown out way. I love you so much Ryan and I can't wait To have you in my arms, you are my rock and make me so happy and proud to say that your my boyfriend.
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Totally with you!!!!1 As always lol
To think you can't function without your man by your side 24/7 is pathetic and i don't blame men for not liking it either.

I have heard so much crap of how is it really a relationship when your in different countries.....well this is what i say open your f***ing eyes!!!! relationship is not just about being in physical proximity to them its an emotional connection, and for those of us that have that AMAZING connection with our men, we know what we got is the real deal, its not just about physical contact, it's about being and having a partner in life.

So screw them, because they have no clue!
I understand now why WAGS tend to stick together and not have that much contact with civilian gf's and wives it's just too damn hard.


” Distance is not for the fearful, is for the BOLD. It's for those who are wiling to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they Love. It is for those who knows a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough”

Enough said, Stay strong for him!

I am staying strong for him, I try to let him know daily that I love him and I'm here waiting for him. I just get sick of hearing he's not a real boyfriend.

People gonna always feel a certain way, but atleast they feel something lol. Who cares?...