You Know It's Over When...

So I have not had a legit conversations with him in over a week. When I text him, he either never replies or he replies hours later saying his phone was dead. Sent him a message in Facebook something cute and funny, he looks at it and never replies. Can a relationship be over if it never really started? I don't understand did I do something wrong? Should I confront him?
somecountrygirl somecountrygirl
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Hes in the military right? Things are rough in there they dont take much pity hes probably just really busy try not to think the worst but prepare for it jus try to stay happy cause feeling bad when your with him wont be good for the relationship i cant really answer anything else though i dont quite know the guy but that my opinion

Yeah he's in the Air Force. And I know he's under a lot of stress. And I know I shouldn't give up so easily.. I usually am not on to give up, I just wish I know what he wanted. If I am wasting my time. Thank you!