Keeping Busy

Have any of you guys taken up extra classes or groups or something to keep yourself busy while your mans away? I need help staying busy
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

It is hard to be a military GF because the army doesn't provide you with all the things they provide us wives with. Take time to workout and go to the gym. Also, if you are near a military base then look for things to do on base. It would also help for you to invest time in your own education so that when you guys take the next step to marriage and then he retires that you will be able to help support the family. One thing I would say to stay away from while he is gone is the bar and clubs. Goodluck and hope he comes home safe.

Ya I have my associates and am working on my bachelors so I'm trying to focus on that but it's just so hard not knowing what's going on in boot camp or how he's doing I haven't gotten my first letter yet he left on the 8th of January

Give it just a little time. The first few weeks of Boot camp are the hardest. You have to be strong. I went through basic training and those first 2 weeks not talking to my kids or being able to write them was the hardest ever. It made it easier for me when I would call up my kids and they would tell me to be strong and not seem to be to upset. Just give it a little more time sweetie and you will get the letter and information from him that you need to write him letters. Be careful what you put in the letters because they have a tendency to read them aloud in basic. If it helps you out, write him letters when he is on your mind and keep them until you find out where to send them...