I Love Him

I love him so much! ive always known that ive loved him but i has really just hit me when he had to leave. i just remember when he had to leave i told myself Dee dont cry... be strong give him a kiss and then let him go.. I was either lying to myself or i just didnt know how strong my feelings were.
As we walked down the hall to the front door i began to feel my eyes filling up with tears. i started to walk a little faster so i could have sometimes to wipe them befor he saw them coming down my face. But they wouldnt stop as hard as i tried they kept coming down. It was like a waterfall never ending tears. I walked out the front door feeling like i was going to throw up when em grabbed my hand and pulled me back. He looked at me in a shock and said are u crying... i tried to spit the word no out but i couldnt i just dug my face into his chest and cried. He picked up my chin and told me Dee keep your chin up and stay strong for me. Those words cushed me even more knowing that i wasnt going to see him for 8 months litteraly hurt me. The pain i felt was so unexpected. i wasnt ready. I still unknowingly needed him. But at that moment i knew that i loved him without a doubt and i was going to stay strong for him. As the taxi pulled up i kissed him and walked to the car. On the drive to m apartment i just sat there staring out the windnow. When i got the my apartment i flung open the door and ran into my bestfriends room crying and as i was telling her about everything and how i felt my phone rang. It was em and he said.... I love you baby. keep your head held high and stay strong ill be back befor you know it. I told him i love you too for the first time.
DeeLovesEm DeeLovesEm
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2013