37 More Days Left!!

My boyfriend is in the Navy Boot Camp, only 37 more days left until he graduates!! I am sooooo excited! I have receieved three letters so far, which is nice. I sent out two, then one yesterday and one today, and he said that he hadn't receieved any yet! No phone call so far :(( I can't wait to hear his voice again! We have been dating for 6 years! He is in a grab-and-go unit, which sucks because he won't know until week 5 if he can even leave base after graduation. I just miss him a lot and even though we have gone for a while w/o seeing each other because of school n' such, we have never gone w/o talking and using webcam to see each other! Now it's like...no communication and it's driving me crazy!!

drusila101 drusila101
18-21, F
Feb 24, 2010