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Marine At Fort Leonardwood

Not a soldier but missing my Marine :) He is doing CBRN MOS training at FLW and has been there since February. They were so backed up he didn't eve nstart training until May but he is graduating august 8th. I am visiting him the end of this months for a few days and haven't seen him since january when i visited him at MCT! Then he is going off to California. I'm staying here though in SC since i have some school to do but i hope within the next year to move to where he is.

Hang in there everyone! We got this :)
RubyBloodDrop RubyBloodDrop 26-30, F 2 Responses Jul 18, 2012

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We are not technicaly engaged but I know he has the ring, we talk to much and are not good at surprises, also we kinda have to plan because we are going to get married after tech school he is going to ask me when I go visit an he already asked my dad but I always tell him I haven't said yes yet ;) so what is your boyfriend going to school for there? And when does he graduate mine will be done October 15th.

he is going for CBRN Specialist :p

It is tough for sure My Airman is there we are getting married when he is done with tech school he is doing civil engineering, he said they have no power right now did you know that? He said the army guys do but his building is out and the electricians haven't gotten it on he started school in July first and will leave by October 15th it seems like forever away but I hope it comes soon, I want to be on ba<x>se with people going through the same thing I feel like no one understands now but I know we can get through it I'm just having a rough night, I always tell him I am happy sad, happy about what he is doing and so proud but sad not to always be able to be with him.

No my boyfriend didn't mention that? I talked to him tonight for a little bit and i'm pretty sure he has electricity. At least in the Marine barracks. Congrats on getting married soon though! I'm not even engaged yet lol. I wish :p