My Soldier, Graduation, Missing Him

My soldier (bf)Brandon is at Fort Leonard Wood now doing Basic Training. Our communication level has been at a stand still I may say. It hasn't gotten better nor has it gotten worse. I talk to him every Sunday and we write. I may get anywhere from 1-3 letters from him a week to my 4-6 letters he get from me a week. It's hard communicating on paper especially when you really need some information and missing him like crazy. But I must stay strong for him and I'm doing so. He's graduating on November 25, 2009. I can't wait and I'm so glad that it's next month. whew! I don't know what to expect and I'm so hoping for the best. I'm hoping that after graduation he can stay overnight with me or something. I miss him dearly! Ugh!!

But if your bf is at Fort Leonard Wood and is graduating me! I know exactly what you are going through..or if your bf or husband or whatever has been at Fort Leonard Wood can you contact me too..I would love to know what to expect.



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fort lost in the woods was a great expierience. i certainly enjoyed my say. but i didn't like sleeping in the woods for 18 days of basic training.

hi guys.. im ella... from the philippines... i feel the same way with you guys... i really really miss him... <br />
<br />
cheers to the strong and beautiful army girlfriends!

My husband has left for his Basic Training to Fort Leonard wood,its almost one week I don't have any news from him?can you give me some advice how can I contact him?I miss him very much

hey boyfriend went to fort leonard wood for basic. are you going to the graduation and is he comin home on leave after graduation? I'll be able to give you more advice when you answer those questions. But ask me anything.....I can help ya out!

No he isn't OSUT. He's still in basic now and after basic I'm not sure yet when his AIT start. He's going to be a truck driver though. and that sucks that he can't get to stay from the barracks for at least one night! ugh!!

My basic training and AIT was at Fr. Leonard Wood. Is ur boyfriend OSUT? Did he complete basic training and AIT at the same time or does he have to go to AIT still? If he's OSUT- meaning he's been gone for about 5 months, then he's able to leave his company after graduation. If he's graduating just basic, I believe he gets a pass for the whole day- but is not aloud to sleep anywhere except the barracks. What's your boyfriends MOS?