How Me And My Soldier Met...

My soldier and I met in late June 2009.  We actually met on myspace.  (Some people think you shouldn't be meeting people online at first I thought of not doing that but I did). We started texting each other first.  From his profile I already knew he was going to the military but he didn't decide on a branch yet.  So we finally decided to meet.  We met at Baskin Robbins and he bought me ice cream.  We ate out side at the picnic tables of Baskin Robbins.  We talked, laughed and he showed me pictures on his phone.  We started having more of an attraction to each other, but he had to be somewhere.  So we left after having a good time (we really didn't want to leave each other).  He texted me and said he likes me so much he wanted to meet again and have dinner.  So I said we cold have dinner at my apartment on a Sunday.  We met and I cooked for him.  I love to cook.  We watched movies and talked and laughed again.  We were so comfortable with each other that he finally held my hand while watching a movie on the couch.  That was so sweet  I think of it all the time.  I started to tell him about my past bf's and how they treated me.  My past bfs never treated me right.  Some stole money from me, took a car they were suppose to pay me on to go see another girl, one of them kicked me out the apartment he got for us then sent me away.  He felt really bad about all of that.  He told me to let go of those guys to stop getting mad everytime I think of them and to think of what was right in front of me right now.  He held my hands and hugged me.  I never had someone like that.  He was still at my home all day and night.  He held me in his arms all the time we were on the couch.  I was getting sleepy so he said I could lay on his lap.  We watched about 4 movies.  Then we just looked at each other quietly.  Then we smiled at one another.  While looking at him I could see he was more than just a guy who wanted to use me  he wanted to be there for me.  While I was thinking about him and how cute (yes) and nice he was he asked me to be his gf.  I said yes, then to seal the deal he came down and kissed me.  It felt so real like I knew he wanted to be with me and just like a love story in a movie.  I was just so happy.  He also helped me with my apartment when I ran into a problem with keeping my apartment they were trying to kick me out but he saved me and helped me with my apartment cost.  He didn't mind and from then on I said to myself I will help him whenever he needs it when he's happy, sad or upset about something I will be there for him and here I am today.  He's such a caring person.  He decided he wanted to be in the army active.  I always took him to the recruiting center and when he had to meet them each week.  He met my parents and they love him I met his I love them too.  I hope he doesn't change into a hateful person in the army but a better person.  So in December of this month he graduating from basic and my mom, brother and I will be going to his graduation and I found a dress I want to get and wear there.  Im excited and can't wait.

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It was sweet but while he was in bootcamp he wrote me a dear jane letter saying that he was a family man before but since he's been there everything has changed he's not the same person and we can only be friends if not i need to move on. Wow!! I dont like it but thats the way it is. He just wants to go out sleeping with everyone. I found out about that because he had new pictures added to his myspace and a girl commented on his new pic...oh by the way he use to be big but now he's in shape thats one thing to do with it. I lost weight too. He thinks now he can get any girl he wants but you know what I've been there for him day in and day out writing letters each day and waiting for his I didn't give up hope and I was positive he lost hope and before then he helped me out but thats not enough i want someone to be there for me. This girl on there was saying baby i cant wait till you come back home so I can see you...that really pissed me off. Im trying to get over it its a shock right now. One day at a time. Also I was sick but I did get up a take him places I helped him out cooked him food did everything but no appreciation i guess thats what happens too in the army

How sweet! Me and my Soldier were introduced online by a friend I know personally. He's in iraq right now and wont be home for another month and a half! We hit it off right away and we talk all the time. He has sent me roses, treats me with respect and respects that my daughter comes first which I love about him. We have had our moments already but it's hard knowing what to say sometimes when he's over there. We have said the L word, and i'm hoping we give it more of a meaning once he is home. Me, my daughter and my parents are going to welcome him home, along with his parents and best friend. So we will ALL be meeting for the first time! Talk about scary! Some people don't agree on how we met, but this isn't their life and if they are true friends they will stick by you/ me no matter what. I feel weird at times, how can you miss someone you've never touched?