2nd Anniversary Of His Arrest - And I Stopped Running

After over 2 years of this orderal, I am finally feeling and understanding it. Writing has helped and I am finding the honesty in everything that's happened. I think I have worked through in a week what I have been unable to understand for years. I am not holding back in my letters to him anymore and am finding other issues in my life clearing up. Still not sleeping and I've still not received any phone calls or letters. Maybe I won't. I've never taken the short walk to the mailbox and such a very long walk back before this. I don't know that anything in my life has made my mood change so fast as that empty mailbox. I don't even want to start thinking about the phone ringing!

I'm looking at the calandar now realizing that all the emotion started on the 2nd anniversary of his arrest. I can't believe 2 years have gone by. It feels like all this happened yesterday. I guess I just stopped running for long enough to think.  And he's out in 3 months.

Thanks everyone...

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1 Response May 7, 2010

you must be excited,my father was just released from prison recently he has been in 9 years this time but he has been in and out my entire life..wasn't at all excited as I imagine you are,which is a testament of the difference between the two men.If you don't mind me asking why is he in prison...if I had to guess based on your personality I would go with marijuana crimes.