I'm 21 And My Boyfriend Is A Convicted Felon

The day after my 21st birthday me and my boyfriend of 4 years had to go to his final court date..charged with intent to deliver (2 counts). We spent 13 thou on our lawyer and he got off on level 3 probation and all this tasc ****. Funny thing is, he just started working at his new job doing contruction he's getting his life back together and hah right before the probation officers knocked on the door we decided we wanted to have a baby together because we love each other that much so he obviously came in me. Then i had to hurry and get dressed and they handcuffed him and flipped the room. They found stems and seeds and a sword that his deceased uncle had given to him and we just hadnt had the time to clean up because we both just got out of work. So today I get 1 phone call from him and I have to get 900$ to bail him out and then we have to do all this **** again. I hate this. I just want this to go away
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1 Response Jul 14, 2010

WOW I am sorry to hear this about your boyfriend. It seems like in the courts eyes people cant never change. Which is completely wrong. Sometimes people have to go through things like this to realize it not for them. It seems your boyfriend has choose a different route and thats to be with you and start a family. 900 did you go to a bails bond person usually you only have to put 1% down. Which might be in your case 100. I went through the same thing your going through and still am because my hubby isn't coming home for 6 more months. He has already did a year. Email me if you need to talk. <br />
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