My Boo Is In Prison !

ok so i fell in love with this amazing guy and then finally after a long period of playing hard to get and flirting we finally get togeather and im officially his , his officially mine then he gets arrested and is held in jail til april.i went out of mind , sleepless nights , not being able to eat some  days and then comfort eating the next .The negative feedback from freinds and family is sooo no one understand my pain i miss him so much his been in there 4 months now his out in september but i feel like im gonna go mad without him.his always on my mind i dont know what to do.i write letters to him constantly and send him pics all the time but heres the problem im 17 so that means i cant visit him alone , i have to go with an older frend or relative which sucks becoz i just wnna be with him alone its bad anuff that the govs are watching u every minute in such a small space so im so upset and to make things worse his prison is about 4 hours journey from were i am .so im finding myself constantly begging frends and family to escort me there but no alot of pple are in support of me being with him so it makes it hard to see him.i turn 18 in octobe but by then he will be out so its completley pointlessy are so many pple so jugdemental he made a mistake just like almost every1 does so y are pple so hypocrtical his willing to change, it was a robebry which landed him there however he never took part he just happened to be influenced by the wrong crowd and i spose if ur their that makes u involved in the laws eyes!e  :( does ney1 understand my frustration? and how are you coping?

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Dont let anyone in the way of how you feel. I was also in a situation like yours when I was 17 where my family were very judgemental towards my boyfriend especially when he got locked up, but that didnt stop me. I fought for what I felt was right and followed my heart and Im glad I did. Here I am now at the age of 22 still by my man. My family no longer thinks that way of him in that manner and Im happy. It just makes things much easier for me. Email me sometime if you feel like talking at