A Friend Reminded Me Of A Group I Almost Forgot About ..

How is everyone doing this week?

James is trying to get into MMI in Arizona...how amazing would that be!?!?  He's been getting more work these days and he keeps going to meetings and staying active.  I'm working two jobs right now and it sucks, but hey, life's expensive if you wanna do it up nice I guess.  I'm still in college and my mom finally begged my dad to pay for school so I don't have to work 40 hours a week for fall semester :)  for once 20 will be plenty

I'm still not allowed in the house yet...and stuff's pretty heated, but my family is beginning to let me in again.  It's nice, and I've been working really hard to stay positive and not fight them anymore, it's not worth it.

Post prison life can be a huge pain in the *** for both the post inmate and the lover...but as long as you stick to a program and stay open about feelings and emotions, thing's will be less explosive and painful.  And some days your man'll just be angry and wanna fight...don't get mad or ask a million questions, or any questions at all, just let him blow off some steam alone....alone time is important to them after being around a bunch of dudes 24/7.  It's not you, they just appreciate their time they can have alone.  I know I would.

well I feel like I'm rambling, but I just wanted to say hi to everyone and welcome to the new ladies....it's not good that you have to be in this group but I'm glad you have some extra support!

all my love,
Reillyz Reillyz
18-21, F
Jul 22, 2010