Missing My Superman

H E Y; im gg and my boyfriend rod is in jail for murder in the second degree. He has been in there ever since november 17, 2009. Im going to be 16 next month and he will be 16 in november. I miss him so much it's almost unbearable. The sad part though is that he hasn't even had his trial yet. They pushed it back all the way to october 2010. Another down side to my relationship is that my mom does not want me having any contact with him so i have to jump through a couple extra hoops to communicate with him. On the upside his mom loves me to death. We go through our ups and downs like any other relationship but i see us being stronger than most relationships. We love each other dearly and miss each other so much. We made plans for the future and hopefully we can make those plans a reality. My world would be turned upside down without him. sometimes it does get a little lonely and depressing this is why i joined a support group. this is my first post so hopefully i get some advice for when i'm missing my hunny. Good luck to all of you and god bless.
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hey gg, im erika and i know just what your going through, my bf of 2 years been locked up for almost 7 months or 8. and he's gonna get 13 years in jail. i also get along with his mom, i could tell her just about everything, and my mom wants me to leave him aswell, but i decided to talk to her and let her know how i feel , and now she lets me go visit him whenever i want. yea she was upset at first cause she was all like what future do you have with, so i suggest you sit down and talk to your mom and let her know how you feel. good luck <3

hey well..This is almost like my story , they blamedd Jeremy on [ armed roberry ] wich he didnt do !<br />
your riqht , it does qet very depressinq wen a loved one is not there by your side:( but we have to keep our head uhp , and stay close to qod ! hes dha solution to our problems! well im my opinion; i think u have to talk to yuor mom and tell her that u really in love with him ! at first my mom didnt like the fact i was qoin to with a dude in jail , but i made her sitdown and listen ,and i explaind to her wat was qoin on and she understood , she supports mhe , she pays for him to call mhe ! and i apreciate her ! his mom has been there for mhe too , and she loves mhe and tells mhe that she just wants mhe for her son ! my point is that no matter wat trys to stop yuo , be stronq and pray , and qod will help you no matter whats the situation your on ! <br />
and thankx alot, i will keep in touch with you!(: