Imiss H I M So Much♥`

    *My boyfriend and i have been tOqether for aLmost 5 months now and it feels like 2 years strqht up ,
anyways he is  in county riqht now , and he was indicaded for somthinq that wasnt his , well he qot
sentenced for 2 months ,its really hard because this is my second time qoinq thruqh the pain aqain
of him beinq placed behind bars. Sometimes i burst out cryinq because i do miss him, with every
inch of my heart... its really not easy for a loved one to be so far away from yuo! i miss dha feelinq of
just holdinq him, kissinq him, and just beeinq my complete self ! i love readinq his sweet letters !
Daamn , i would qive anythinq upto just be with him once more ! seeinq him thruqh dha stupid
webbcam kills mhe! but  i know how much it means to him for mhe there & it also helps mhe
too. tryinq to stay positive is hard, but just thinkinq about the qood memories we had helps!
anyways he is a sweet ,smart and amazinq quy! he has so much potential and i know he is qoinq
to chanqe once he qets out. Or so i pray :( . its so sad not to be with him , he was my dose of happy!
i just hope they let him out soon. i dont know how much lonqer i can  qo on beeinq constently upset.
even dow his mom , helps mhe alot on this situation! im so luckey to have her here! she cheers mhe up (:
and i apreciate iht ALOT ` ! shes the bestt ! xD....i just miss Jeremy with All my hart ! and i Love him too <333

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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I tried when me and him first became serious to explain to my mom how i feel but she said so much hurtful things to me about the situation i gave up on trying to have our love be accepted by her. My stepfather [who is in prison] is ok with the situation but he puts on this disapproval father face in front of my mom to make it seem like he is on her side when really he does not care. I added you to my circle please do the same. Therefore we can keep each other going!

hey your like the only person on here whose story is similar to mine. Rodney is in for something he didn't do (murder in the 2nd degree) and i will be with him for five months on august 10th. His mom loves that i'm there for him and that i keep his head up. But, it does get very depressing when you're sitting beside yourself knowing that's where your other half belongs. If you need to talk i'm here for you. By the way if you would like to view my story i'm the one under you.