I Miss H I M :(

*My boyfriend and I have been together for almost
5 months now
and it feels like 2 years strqht uhp ;
Anyways he is in county right now
and he was indicted for something
that is not his,
Well he got sentenced for two months ,
It’s really hard because this is my second time
going through the
pain again of him being placed behind bars.
Sometimes at night i just burst out crying
because i do miss him
with every inch of my heart..
it’s really not easy for a loved one
to be so far away from you.
I miss the feeling of just holding him,
kissing him, and just being my compete self!
i love reading his sweet letters,
Dammn, i would give everything up to
just be with him once more !
seeinq him thruqh dha stooped webb cam
kills mhe !
but i kno how much it means to him for me there
it also helps me too.
trying to stay positive is hard,
but just think about all of the good memories.
anyways he is a sweet, smart, and amazing guy!
He has so much potential and I know he is going to change
once he gets out.
Or so I pray :(
it’s so sad not to be with him
he was my daily dose of happy.
I just hope they let him out soon.
I don’t know how much longer I can go on being constantly upset.
even dow His mom ,
helps mhe alot on this situation !
im so luckey to have her there !
she cheers mhe uhp (:
and i apreciatee iht ALOTT !
shes dha Best xD ...
i miss him soooo much <33 and lovee him !
Lexxah Lexxah
13-15, F
Jul 29, 2010