It'll Be All Worth It In The End!! :)

My boyfriend (my bubby!!) has been on remand in the UK for 6 months now and is looking at 3 years. I miss him like crazy but we speak everyday and I visit him once every week and we also write and send cards as much as possible. It is so hard to not be with him everyday but in a weird way this has made us stronger and closer as before he went inside we was on the verge of breaking up so this decided once and for all whether I wanted to be with him or not...and now I know I want to be with him forever. We've realized how precious life is and how in love we are. But as much as I miss him soooooo much, more than words can describe i've got to tell all women out there to not mope about like I did for the first few months as you still need to continue with your life but obviously they are always in your mind!! Men are very lucky with us loyal women as not many men would wait for years if it was their girlfriend in prison!!!
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Jul 29, 2010