My Boyfriend Is In Jail

I'm a documentary producer from the UK, Im developing a doc series for BBC. I'm hoping to talk to women who have a partner that is currently serving time in jail. What ever information you share will be treated with strictest confidentiality. I'm interested in talking to UK women, whose boyfriend/partner/husband is currently serving time in the UK.. Please get in touch..
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

well were do i start the world today is so cold they have people out there that are meant to keep us safe.well thats what they get payed 4 but instead they lock the wrong men up.this world is so twisted. me and my kids are living in pain, are world as gone from fun and happiness to a lose and lonly you see the man they locked up is a good man. A very good dad a full time dad a loving partner .he live to make us smile. were is the crime in that. they are lockin people up the silly things letting the pedos and rappest and eg eg run free theres people killin each other and they go for the wrong people. what is this world comin too.