I Miss My Husband So Much. . How To Deal.

Well I'm not sure how else to say this.. I miss him so damn much it just hurts.

I started writing this because today is our five year anniversary. . . and it's just making all of this so much worse. . We have two children together and when he went to jail our daughter was 4 and one was 9 months old... It hurts so damn much. He missed my daughters first birthday. He missed her first steps.. Because of him being gone i'm living in my friends basement. . . I can't talk to any of my friends because they all don't like what he did to go to jail and I honestly could care less what they think. This is MY family we are talking about. I miss everything about him. How do people do this. . and my kids.. god my daughter was so young. He is missing everything. He is missing our anniversary today. he will miss my birthday next month as well as his own.

How do you cope with missing your other half. your soul mate. How do you do this!!! it's been 4 months and I still hurt. Maybe today more then others since it's our anniversary.. but every minute I keep thinking.. If jason was out what would we be doing? I bet he would be doing something special. , etc, etc.

I feel like I can't talk to anyone..... my brick wall i built is coming down around me as I know it. I can't be alone without my kids without just crying for him. I stay strong in front of them for them.. but when they are not around i'm a wreck.
I love you jason baby

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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

don't feel bad today was day 1 he was shipped off and I decided to think of it as if he were a soldier sent off to defend me we talk multiple times a day write letters visits twice a week and to keep his sexual tension at ease we have phone sex when u really live someone nothing not even time can stand in the way just keep the communication line clear and love each other

First of all I would like to say sorry, a belated Happy 1st Birthday to you daughter, and Happy Birthday in advance to you. <br />
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I just joined this group, hoping I could get some comfort..hear some similar stories from other people..<br />
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I feel as if my family dosent care about what happened mainly my younger brother and sister.. my parents however are being supportive. If your family wont be there to support you, Id like to let you know that I am and hopefully other women on here too.. cuz we all feel the same, were going through simmilar situations..<br />
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What I do is Pray when I can, I go and see my boyfriend along with our two kids.. they need our support right now.. I hope that you are making time to go visit your husband.. when my boyfriend sees me through the bars and glass window, he smiles like I've never seen him smile before..I try to see this situation as a trial from life from God.. as a bump in the road..When all this is over we can all get on with our lives.. pls try to think of this its important.. cuz I know that as mothers we need the srtength to look aft our children.. your a strong mother.. Keep it up..Just like the person before me says..make sure you get everything on video.. and LOTS of pictures.. take care God bless. and hang in there!

awww i know how you feel,it sucks,my husband is in jail also,and just like you i don't care what anyone has to say.i may not have kids with him yet but right before he went in,we were planning our first baby.i don;t know what to tell you cuz i still don't know how to deal with my husband in jail.just make sure everything ur kids are doing,get it on video.