Waiting for him is easy, being without him...is the hard part =' [

My Baby has been in the system since 2007. It has been 2 1/2 long years soon to be 3. Its been along road for us both but it has only made our relationship even stronger. I loved him than and I love him even more now I chose to stand by his side through thick and thin. It was really hard in the beginning to get a call saying your boyfriend in jail. My heart dropped so many things were going through my head I wasnt able to comprehend what was being said to me. I was like this has to be some kind of joke right?? I went into a stage of depression. I didnt want to eat, go out more less do nothing. I was thinking like what am I gonna do?? How am I gonna talk to him or see him . ( My boyfriend lives 3 hrs away ) Some nights I cried because I missed his hugs, his kisses, his touch, his way of making me laugh. I missed texting him during the day, hearing his voice all the time ect. My family was against him at first especially when they heard he got locked up but I didnt let them get in the way of how I felt for him. I followed my heart and told them who are we to judge. Every one makes mistakes and some do learn from them and they do deserve a second chance. It took me awhile to make them realize it but now they understand and they support me on my decision. Long story short I snapped out it and had to stay strong not only for me but for him to. I had faith that one day he'll be out. I kept myself busy with school, work, family and ect. Time sure flew by fast. He's soon to be home in 2 months CANT WAIT!! Im getting things together to bring him my way = ]. Ladies PLEASE if you know that your heart is to be with your man DONT GIVE UP ON HIM. Be there for them and support them all the way.
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It is hard my baby just got locked up 2 days ago on my birthday. I wanna cry so bad. Like you I haven't been able to eat all I do is cry. I miss hearing his voice and being by his side. He hasn't even called me yet. But my love keeps getting stronger n I'm gonna stick by him.

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I know how you feel my boyfriend is 17 and I just turned 16 and he is in Jail while I am carrying his child. I write him as often as I can. He has a trial date in another 6 months and by then his baby will be a month old. Things will get better, no matter what. But these men need our support so stay as strong as you can for them<3


Oh that's so sweet and me too is a prison wife we met on Facebook date one year over the phone finally relocated to state he in and visit every weekend for I got on his list one week don't pass where I don't visit every state holidays we got married in December 2013 and jus crimes to some people are hanious but he was a teenager and I forgive him and am praying for his release he been lock up 15 years and his freedom basically lies in the parole board hands and Jesus Christ himself am happy for you and hope your boyfriend hold his head up Congrats and you stay been the strong young lady you are


Aww was a touching story glad he's out my bf in prison been there long time we write each other he calls me our love strong can get thou anything we praying he will get out soon 2014 he's got a lil over a year he told me when we got back together in Aug 30 2013 he had that long but ik god will make a way for him to get out he has his days he he wants come home so we can start our life again together this. Time. Better BC we both serving god now:) my fb name tiffany nice if anyone needs a friend I miss my bf so much it hurts I'm glad we together I'm happier now just we gonna get married ones he gets out gets a job

I living the same experiences with my boyfriend like I don't know , what to do,I feeling the same locked out with him. This is real to painful ,I'm been trying to not get depress is not easy I do anything to support him. I write so many letters to call me , I guess he doesn't receive any of my letters. This situation make me feel like I getting panic attack . I don't know what to do. This a first time I'm living this type of situation .i got for for him prepaid card , I don't know how to let him know to call me. And I feel so sad, I'm list I want speak ones. Of something, I don't go nowhere .i still wonder what happen with him. I love him like not one understand ,you right I don't give up of him.if you love you partner you have to be in the good of bad moments in life.

my man is n prison...he will be n there fa 2 yrs (9 mths to go)..its hard cuz i miss him so much but i feel if we can go through this together we can get through anything togeather

This just makes me look foward to the day my boo comes out :')

i understand my boyfriend was out of jaill last year and back in there again but hes on probation wat should i do

stand beside him

Sweety I know you love him but his in jail you can do better talk to him about your relation ship what dose it mean to him and if you love him you will wait but if u can't tell him you love him <br />
Good luck

oh wow what a night mare for you its just started for me My husband and i ment 1971 high school we got married in 1973 in March 2011 he was taken to jail on a axadent in 2009 he spent 4 days in jail was put on phone probation so he could drive back to calif to work i was living in Az he was still living / working in calif comeing home on days off and on his way home 8 hour drive after working graveyard shif then I got letter saying going to higher court we never got a letter from this court he lost his job in 2010 I had to go to work now my only income , i couldnt pay the bond so he spent 8 months in jail and in Nov the judge gave him 9 years 2020 hes 11/2 hours away i just got to see him june 2 but gets out in 2018 hard part i dont have any family here in Az my only daughter and 4 grandkids are in Califorina 8 hour drive my husband and i been together 42 years as of Nov 27 when he gets out were going to renew are wedding vows but i love and miss him so much i was 15 he was 16 when we frist meet we are now 56 / 57 and we are still so much in love as the frist day we meet

Help.. I can't take this pain

whatever u say MiSSiNgMyBABy07.. is all thats in my heart.. Thank you :'(((( i'm abt to through this. he was caught just last night for drugs and i'm really praying hard all things dont go too hard on him on us. its so hard to accept it but i'm swallowing it slowly with tears and pain in my heart ;'(((

we have the same story... my boyfriend caught for travelling drugs... I don't know what to do, because if he found guilty he will be in jail for lifetime... we just move in together last June 2013 and its very hard for me to be without him... I am so depressed right now...

I loved your story. I'm going through the exact same thing. My babys gunna do 2 1/2 to 3 years. I love him so much I'ma go through this till the end. He's been locked up for 3 months now. He's getting transferred to state pretty soon. We talk everyday and I'm getting used to it which is kinda bad. When he goes to reception I won't be able to talk to him just through letters. That's when it's gunna hit me the hardest but I know I'll stay strong. I have to. I know if I keep busy the time will fly by. It kills me when he doubts me cuz he's in there and he has all these negative thoughts about what I could be doing out here. Hes always been jealous so him being in there makes it worse. But I know I wouldn't do anything to lose him. But there's nothing I could really do to make him think otherwise. All I could do is be there for him. Its simply not in my nature to be tramping around. Do you have any advice? How did you handle his negative thoughts and doubts?

I also felt on giving up on my BF now my Fiance as of yesterday, especially having other guys wanting to be with you offering you the world, but I still didnt give up on him. My heart is with him. He has less than a month to be finally be released after 3 years plus months, but I just couldnt see myself leaving him being that I Loved him so much and he ment so much to me as it was. As time went by my love for him just grew much more stronger for him, He also had no need to be in jail but he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Things happened for a reason. Some people just got to learned the hard way just so they can appreciate life and the people around them. Some learn and some dont. Let him know how you feel write him every day let him know that your there for him no matter what. JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART. If he's the one for you'll know. Are you marrying him in jail or is he out??

Wow that's along time my soon to be husband is in jail looken at going to prison for 5yrs I already miss him I sometimes thank that he is going to say its over with him in there and sometimes I feel like giveing up but I know no one is going to ever love me the way he loves me what am I to do my mind tells me to leave and my heart tells me to stay what am I going to do I need some advice he shouldn't even be in jail I'm so mad

Im glad it did make you feel some what better. Im from the USA ( California ).

Hey bbe, read ur comment it really makes me feel better I can share my experience where someone understands, do u live in England or USA ?? I live in London n my bf is in NYC upstate !! It's hard !! I feel sooo alone all the time

Stay STRONG for him including yourself. I feel the same way you do and I also am glad I've his and my familys support. DONT GIVE UP it will all soon come to the end when you least expect it.

my boyfriend has been sentenced to 4 years in prison and will only do 2 years, i am so heartbroken, i am not leaving him i am staying put his family are so supportive as are my family, i love him to pieces and want a future with him, i just want the time to go fast!!! it feels like its going to be a lifetime. i miss him soo much and just want to be with him.

Thank you = )..yes it can be very stressful at times that there are times where you just wanna give up but everything we do for them is out of love. He also wrote me asking me to marry him and having a family together but as much I wanted to and love him I just couldnt see myself doing that especially concieving our baby in some prison (conjectural visit). At first I thought it was all jail talk him telling me them things that he never asked me when he was out. So I told him if he really does love me he would wait untill he got out ( he wasnt yet sentenced ). He had a feeling he was gonna be there for a few years, but thats just me I wanted him to prove me wrong. I dont know how you feel about it?? Would you marry him if was there for a few months to a year??

Your story was good. Congratulations that hes gonna be with you in 2 months. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 7 months and in that time hes gone to jail and treatment now hes in jail again. Im so stressed and I just dont know what to do. He wrote me saying he wants to marry me and have a family but im not sure when hes getting out. I get to see him on thursdays and saturdays (visitung days) thats really the only time I can see him anymore

This journey was sure long and hard for us both especially to hear that he was being senteced to 4 yrs 8 months but he only serving half time. I didnt know what i was gonna do than with out him at first. My boyfriend did come to a stage of depression back when he was senteced because he already had been there close to 2yrs before he was senteced and to hear that he was gonna be there longer he just lost it. He had called me saying he didnt want to be selfish that he loved me and he only wanted that best for me. He said that it wasnt fair to me that I had to suffer because of his actions and for me to go on with my life, and if distiny wanted to reunite us again in the later future than it was ment to be but I couldnt just let him go after so long of being together. I cried got stressed out thinking to myself this is it I LOST HIM TO THE SYSTEM. He wrote me the same thing in a letter a few days after. I wrote him how I felt that no matter what I still loved him and was gonna be there to support him along with his family, and NEVER TO BE THINKING NEGATIVE thoughts because that was only gonna get him down, and to ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE. He soon snapped out of it = ) but this was no walk in the park for me I MISSED HIM MORE AND MORE EACH AND EVERY DAY. Talking to him on the phone for 15 mins was even harder. We had so much to say in so little time. Saying our goodbyes was even harder I would get all choked up and quite to the point where he noticed it that only made things harder for him becasue he's locked up what can they do they cant comfort us there helpless, and that just brings them down to stressing out.They have alot on there plate watching there backs in there and for them to hear us crying just makes it worst for them.So I had to learned to be strong/postive not only for myself but for him to. I do admit I choke up from time to time because it does get to me but I play it off by laughing. I let him know to not let his gaurd down in there to stay strong every thing will soon fall in its place. Let him know that your there for him and that you love him dont give up on him. STAY STRONG FOR URSELF AND FOR HIM.This journey will soon come to its distination. How long has your boyfriend been locked up??

I'm at the beginning of this journey and I'm happy you are at the end, I know you can't wit. Can you give me some tips on being supportive and positive? I don't wanna always be crying every time I talk to him....