I Am About To Lose My Soulmate

My fiancee is about to go to prison for a long time he is getting charged with 20 years he is the only father my daughter knows and the best man my kids could have for a dad.   We havent been together very long but he is my life.  I dont know how to handle him being gone for so long we keep saying that he is goin on vacation but i know better then that.  HELP please somene tell me how to handle him being gone.......
tannerbear tannerbear
22-25, F
2 Responses Oct 4, 2010

you love him yes then then stand by him. just remember what your feeling he is feeling to. you will find it hard trust me it dnt get any better, you have to learn to cope with every day as it comes. your not alone

the new love is the best soluttion for the old love<br />
forget him and keep moving in your life,