My boyfriend has been in jail for 8 months. And i miss him so much. I feel so lonely without him that I feel like at times Im going crazy!!

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i haven't heard my love's voice since the day he got locked up...back in august.
havent gotten a letter since november, the only other time a good amount of time had passed that i hadn't gotten a letter was when he ended up spending a month in seg.
i just can't handle not knowing anything. he tried calling me before thanksgiving, but the call cut out so i didnt actually get to talk to him.
help :(

Write him a lot! This is great moral support for him and theraputic for you! Try to spend your time without him planning for your future after he gets out. E.g: planning a vacation together where you've always wanted to go! Also, find ways to decorate the house special for his home coming. I blew up pics of Steven and put them in every room of the house! Hope this helps.

First don't crack up ! Now that we have you in one piece let's begin working things out.. Is he truly innocent or guilty.. No one needs to know.. give yourself the honest answer. Check what your future options are. You wanna get married ? You'll probably be considering having kids, then some good school, yeah ? Bear in mind your child may get subjected to some vicious verbal bullying unnecessarily, so you'll need to prepare the li'l one from pretty early to be mentally strong and positive about things. Find a support group depending where you are and what is the nearest you are able to travel. But this is and will only be worth it after you give yourself the honest answer... is he wrong/is he right. I don't claim to be any authority to judge your man, but it's an effort to give you an honest response. Get back to me here if we need to brainstorm further, okay :) ..take care.. God Bless :)

Im goin crazy too. I miss havin him close by. My boyfriend signed 4 3yrs n Dec will b 2yrs then I wonder if they r gonna send him back to mexico.

I feel the same way except my boyfriend has only been in jail for a week now. His sentence is 3 but will probably only recieve 2 1/2 for good behavior. At least I hope. Stay strong, he needs that. I've realized crying and being upset in front of him makes it harder. Think about the future and all the good possibilities it can hold for you guys <3

That has made me feel a lot better about my situation. My boyfriend is looking at 4 hopefully 3 1/2. I've already been here for nearly a year and he's only being sentenced this month. I hope your situation is as smooth as possible. Thanks for the positive comment. Made me feel better x

How does everyone cope, its been 8 monts and theres still 2 more years to go! I feel so alone

How does everyone cope, its been 8 monts and theres still 2 more years to go! I feel so alone

I have been away from my love for a year now and haven't been able to visit him cuz he's in another state! But we are more in love than ever! Listen, this will only make you or break you! Only time will tell. Steven and I have a strong faith in God so we pray a lot! Also, even though we talk on the phone daily I write him letters and send him lots of pics! I also do whatever I can to plan trips etc. For after he gets released. I know its hard but do whatever you can to keep your love alive! This is an oppertunity to be creative and romantic with your man! Hope this helps! :-)

i just joined this website & i already feel better! not alot of my girls out here have boyfriends in jail so i really dont have anybody to talk to bout it but the days are going by faster & my man will be home Nov.23rd!! that will be a year hes been locked up..its crazy how you would never think you could miss someone so much! to all yall listen to this song if you havent already heard it " you should've known better" by monica..keep faith ladies!

Yes, you said it girl

same here,my pookie bear went in election day so it will be a year in nov. so hopefully he wil be comin home soon enough,and i love that song = )

im in the same boat ... well my fiance's been locked up for 7months going on 8 . he'll be home in august if everything works out ... its tough and its hard... but i just joined this website and already feel better knowing there are other women out there struggling through the same bullshit i am ! Its sucks that we feel like were in prison with them but were NOT and need to stop being depressed ! it just sometimes feels close to impossible to not feel like that.... : (

you may feel like you are going crazy, but yes, you are not alone! these miserable circumstances will do a number on even the steadiest people

i hear ya, love. boy do i hear you.

you sound just like me ... you're describing what we all feel, hang in there and remember, you're not alone, even if it feels like no one understands u, we do.. and we're here for u =)