I Miss My Heart

my love got locked up about a month ago he's looking at some real time we think bad stuff ya know i really just wanna meet someone else going thriugh it too maybe we can lean on each other?
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I no how u feel when is he coming out

It's always nice to have people to talk to who can relate to the situation. Especially the fact being most people hearing the situation tend to be judgmental. At least we know were not alone in this :) im always here for anyone to talk. I'm in the same situation but just have to keep a positive outlook. Goodluck to all of you

I can relate. My fiancé began his sentencing just two weeks ago and he has 30 months, which feels like forever to me!

I completely understand you. My bf got locked up 4 months ago and is looking at some serious time. I'm so scared he won't be home for our son who he had to meet in jail during a visit.. I just keep praying for the best..he has a good lawyer so hopfuly that will help get the big charges off.. just keep your head..do ur best to stay busy and have faith that God will get us all through this.

I am going threw the same thing o is killing me Ij ust want to cry because I just wish he was here with me right now. :(

My Man Got Locked Up A Month Ago Too, I Lost It, Anyways You Have Me To Talk Too, I Really Believe No One Should Be Alone Through This Problem, It's Heart Breaking Ya Know???

im going through the same thing im husband just got locked up last wednesday and its driving me crazy. i havnt talked to him or seen him since... i miss him like crazy. i sent him a letter but nothing back yet. i have those day where i just sit home and cry.....

Sit and cry and think about him huh. Im so glad I also found and read these storys kus atleast I know someone understands me.

im n the same position, my bf was locked 6weeks ago and is serving 18months, its so hard and i cry all the time, but u have 2 b strong and poisitve! i really can't wait 2 spend the rest of my life with him and the biggest thing is puttin this behind us & movin on we he is realised, it was my choice 2 wait on him we both knew it was comin & we tryed 2 prepare ourselfs for it, so the day he had court i went with him, i sat and watched him getn sentenced and being taken away it was the hardest thing i ever had 2 do! bt if u love him so much then u's will b able 2 get through t hard times! use girleys r so strong and ur not alone there is so many ppl walkn n ur shoes we are all in this together, do what you think is best and follow ur heart! sendn us all big huggggsss, best of luck & happyness for u and ur bfs! :)

Thanks for your words

I couldn't have said it better

It takes so much strength for all of us to go through this. My boyfriend was sentenced a week and a half ago, he was 3 hrs away from me, I actually drove the distance to suprise him today...jokes on me he was transported to another location where he goes through evalutaion before his year long rider. I was crushed, letters and phone calls help but I need to at least see that he is ok. I can look into his eyes and tell him that I love him and I am here as long as it takes. It's hard to get the motivation to go and work a full day...especially working for a bank...pretty bad when your mascara is running down your face because something reminds you that when you get home instead of being greeted by your best friend and love of your life...it's dark and cold...I know this will make us stronger...god grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference...I'm not religious, but that line helps me day today...just need to stay focused on being a better me for him when he comes home...I refuse to let anyone or anything break us!! We all got this!!!!

Oh I definitely feel you on this one , I am laying in bed now and all I can think about my man holding me close at night ... I have 7 months before I can feel his touch again .. I have never had to deal with this and I am angry, sad, hurt and a bunch of other things .. We all have to stay strong though .. Pretty soon we will all be back with our men,hopefully, and everything will be right in the world again :)

Wow just reading your post today has made a difference in my day today...thanks! This is really tough to deal with and honestly God is the only answer...we gotta stay strong...and thats so much easier said than done. =(

I definately can relate my boyfriend are.states away it is so hard I miss him so much .not sure of how long he will be there we have been together we started our relationships states away but we called and texted everyday he has lived with over 2 yrs and we plan to marry I long for a phone call and I write everyday I miss him so much it is so hard but I know are love is strong we will.get threw this I wish u the best I totally understand if u need someone to talk to im here take care

My man got locked up on Jan 28 and got 16 months but only has to do 8 months. This is my first time ever dealing with this and I am there for him no matter what. He know that I miss him a great deal, but my problem is that I write him everyday and after I tell him about my day I don't know what else to say. Can you all give me some ideas.

talk about your dreams literaly dreams you had the night befor my bf likes that alot.hope it helps

My man just got locked up two days ago and I have no idea how long he's lookin at!! I've been told 6-9 months, 11 months, 2-4 years, 3-5 years - it's really stressful and depressing!! if it wasn't cuz I have his son to take care of I wouldn't have gotten out of bed yet!! life is so unfair!

How is it going?? My boyfriend just got locked up yesterday and we don't even know what is going to happen yet. If you want to talk/email, I am happy to. This is so hard.

I hit like instead of reply. Obviously I am new to this site. My man went to jail on Labor Day. We were at a neighborhood bar and grill with my seven year old (at like 2 in the afternoon), and they actually came in and took him away. We can't afford to pay off his attorney and he does not want a court appointed. The cases against him are not strong, and should be thrown out. We are looking at anything from 6 months to 10 years. I am a mess, unemployed and all I can do is think of him. I have been able to visit every day, but that is only like 30 min. This is the worst feeling ever.

Im going through it tooo its been 10 months and we still got 16 months left it tears me apart i cry myself to sleep almost every night i have his picture with me at all times and his letter cause thats what i have left of him but you just gotta stay strong its really hard because he doesnt even want me crying and i try but its so hard not too because i want him back in my presence

hey girl im going through it as well my bf got locked up a week ago and his lookin at doin 18months... this is tearing me apart and just like u im lookin to lean on someone 2 share my feelings about this horrible situation with coz its breakin my heart so bad :(