My Boyfriend Is In Prision, Im Brokenhearted And So Confussed.....

My boyfriend is in prison nearly six months now. I miss him so much. I think of him all day, everyday. I work 5 days a week so I do keep myself occupied - but I feel so down without him. Is this normal to feel this way about someone, that I just can't seem to get on with my life without him. He will be out before the end of the year please god, but the past six months has felt like six years.
Hes so paronide inside. He thinks that if I go out clubbing with the girls that I'll get drunk and be with someone else. I wouldn't even dream of it, I'm so wrapped up and in love with my boyfriend it would never enter my mind. He doesn't trust me at all since hes gone inside.
Im just afraid that when he gets out that he might think that maybe I have been unfaithful or that he will just want to go out partying cause hes been away for so long and will meet someone else. I'm just afraid of loosing him to be honest.
We both want to have children and want to try as soon as he gets out. Im 32 years of age now and not getting any younger. I would really love to have children with him more than anything in this world. How can I make the next six months easier than the last six months.
I love this man with all my heart - he tells me that he loves me but I dont think he loves me the way I love him. I feel like I'm putting all my emotions and feelings and love into this one person. Am I fixing myself up for a big fall back down to earth?????
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My situation is similar, but i feel tired. My boyfriend has been in prison for 2 years now by this time next year he should be out. We have a 5 year old little girl together and been together for 7 years. Since he's been locked up I been so faithful to him and in love with him and just waiting to be with him. But I feel like I put my life on hold, all I do is work and spend time with my daughter and still can stop him from being paranoid. Just yesterday he calls me and he hears my mother ask me "who are you talking to?" And He asks me why she asking you that? Who else are you on the phone with? Now my mom thinks he's such an ***. I've told him that I know it's normal for him to feel that way but do I deserve to be talk to in that way? I feel like I have to have a talk with him.

Anyone who is locked up will think that their other half is cheating. The only thing that you can do is to keep reassuring him that you're not and if you're not, then it will all come to light for him. Like anelatai said, there's nothing that you can do but to stay strong and positive for him. Keep busy, go to work, and live your life, that's how you can make the next 6 months easier than the last, and trust me it will fly by so quick. My boyfriend of 7 years has been down for 3 years and it's a daily struggle, but we're women and we can weather through ANYTHING.

girl, it is normal to feel down when u miss ur lover fiance been in jail for 3months now, & its not easy...thats good u try 2 keep urself fiance even wrote me telling me that he had a dream bout me cheating on him, i wrote him back told him how paranoid he is, he is just worry bout me been cheat on him cuz hes not out here....theres nothing we can do but be strong & stay positive. yes it is hard....u just need 2 keep on write him like every day, about everything u do, cuz i do that, if u need some1 to talk me at ...we can help each other to go through this...while our men's r in there....hope 2 hear 4rom u sooner....