I'm Missing My Boyfriend Of 4 Years Whos Now Gotta Do A 4 Year Prison Sentence!

The names Courtney, My boyfriend of 4 years has recently gone to prison to complete a 4 year sentence and I miss him so much that I cry everynight laying in my bed. All we can do is write and talk on the phone when we can. I don't have the funds to suport me on my own and him in lock down so I can only send money when I can. All he has is me, his family has turned is back on him and no matter what we've gone through I can't do that to him no matter what has happened. Through the letters and the phone calls I can tell hes a different person but is that jail talk? Am i wishing hes a changed person? I'm a college student getting my degree in nursing and my childhood wasnt a good one so I'm tryin to make a better life for myself but I couldn't picture doing that without him by myside even though 4 years is a long time! He could always get parole but theres only a slim chance of that. I'm so confused on what to do. I wish someone could give me advice I really need it right now!!! I'm in love with him and miss him more then anything and will hold it down for him but only if things will be different when he gets out. how do i know for sure?!? if anyones got advice or thoughts or anything please comment thanks!
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sometimes mija.. decisions we make based on being in love is a risk.. n if you're down for him let it be a risk you're willing to take, better to risk it than to not know how it could of end up.. good or bad. n aye when he gets out n he's acting up n going back to his old ways, **** it at least you CAN say you were there n waited for a long time, unlike other ******* whoring around behind their man's back babygurl my man is actually in camp but he'll be out in a month, different situations but same feelings so ik how you feel, I'm only 15 n am going to high school and college just because i want the best for us. gangsters need love they need a lot of love and youu know when they get out of control its not really their fault.. living a life like that, aint easy cause people do nothing but brainwash you.. so i wish you and your man the best <3 stay up babygurl

They do promise things while they are jail or prison because they have alot of time to think, after he is out its up to you to keep him focused on his word.

hi im in the same pickle as you but my boy friend is on porole and is being sentenced next year we have been together for 4 years i dont know what to do stick it out or move on with my life as he can not offer me any thing right now . i love him so much im only young as i am 19 and confused my heart is tellling me to stay but my head is telling me to run :(

I know its hard me and my fiance have been together on and off for 10 years now...I met him when i was 12 i found out he was back in prison in february and thats all it took hes been locked up since June 10' and will be getting out in January.....Its not 4 years but when your used to being in the arms of the man you love a week can seem like an eternity....Theres no telling if he will change some of them do and some of them dont but i can tell you one thing if he does want to change then hes gonna need you there to support him!!!!!!! If you want someone to chat with my yahoo address is mommy22709 im online all the time! Good luck

hi, i knw its hard, knoing 4 yrs will be a long time, just try 2 stay strong & positive, i knw its hard. my fiance is in jail now, he been there almost 4months now, & i will find out something next wk. when he go to court to c how long he'll be there, hopefully not that long .. we been togerther 3 and a half yrs now, in our relationship he been in & out of jail, its hard, but he wrote me last wk. told me that this time he will stay da hell out that he just realize me & his daughter r his life, ohh yeah we have a 2 yr. old 2gerther too...nways, i wrote him telling him that im glad he said that but he need 2 show it to me by action once hes out, its hard 2 change & it wont take a snap it will take time .... im glad ur be there 4 him since his fams. turn their back on him which its sad ... hes lucky 2 have u in his life ... i knw its hard have da lover of ur life been in there ... u just keep on writing him & accept his call & try 2 stay strong i knw its hard, & if u need 2 cry, go ahead & cry .... if u need 2 talk more, hit me up at: anelatai@yahoo.com .... we can talk more bout it ... just remember stay strong & stay positive, keep on thinking positive all da times