Happy New Year

Even though we can't be with our loved ones on New Years I thank God that he has kept us another year through it all he has kept us together and has told me to hold on. I'm believing in miracles and a year of blessings and our loved ones being set free out of bondage. I pray that everyone has a blessed New Year. Be strong , continue to pray and believe. Hold on because trouble doesn't last and there will be brighter days. Take care lata. God Bless.
Redsexydiva25 Redsexydiva25
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Thank you shadeen there something wrong with my computer I really liked your comment soo sorry it says disliked continue to be strong and hold on

thank you for sharing and writing this. I needed to hear (read) that.. been too depressed and feeling sorry for myself about my fiance being locked up and me being lonely.. Got to remember God has a plan and I want to be able to accept whatever that is.. :)