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Hey evreyone I'm sure you know me by now with the amount of stories iv put up . Its almost been a year since my boyfriend has been away and its almost a year down off his sentence he wwas sentenced to do 3 years a full 3 years out june 10 2014. But now he is being accused of something he took no part in at all. In ausust 2011 there was a big dissruption of Riots on the streets of london and the remaund centre were my bf used to lbe before he was transfered decided to have their on little riot in the gy$ where my voyfriend and his friend were doing their regular training windows and cctv cameras where smashes and a few innmates escaped to the roof. The prison managed to get the cameras fixed to use as evidence and my boyfriends solicitor thinks he can fight the case bacuse all my boyfriend is doing is standing next to his friend watching what is goin on but because he has a weight in his hand he's being accused of violent disorder his solicitor explained evreything to me and made him plead not guilty his trial is in september I am soooo scared if he gets more time put on. I'm already got 2 years left and I don't know what I'm gonna do if I have longer it feels like I'm going thru evreything all over again the worry, the pain, the angsiaty. I mean its even worse now because he is innocent this time and he doesn't desserve it. Sometimes I feel hopless me and him are so strong and have stuck together thru soo much and I know the sentence will only be about 3 to 6 months running concurrent with his sentence already but its still extra time added and another thing put on his criminal record. I'm sooooo scared and don't know what to do me and him don't desserve this he done wrong and he's serving his time and now I have this lingering iv gone back to square one. I'm trying to have faith but please to anyone reading this please pray for me I know in my heart me nor him desserve this and iv soo strong to go back to square one with a new release date and evreything... Please pray I know septembers a while away but I'm soo worried and scared I just want him home on his normal release date pleaseee iff ur reading pleaase pray..
shadeen shadeen
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In September yea i am having to cope with a lot but id rather me go through all this than someone else :) but I'm not too worried he can fight this because he knows his innocent and I know he's innocent and his solicitor says there is absolutely no evidence on him and it's clear on the cctv who are guilty but If they do say he's guilty he'll get sentenced to around 3-6 months and that sentence will run conccurrent with the time hes serving already so hell be home when he's suppose to i think this case is just a matter of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time bit I'll be fine he's not got long left and in January he may be able to come home on weekends because he's been doing education and keeping himself out of trouble which is good. I know it looks like I'm in a right mess but I must stay strong and I must focus after all if I dont have strength within myself how can I give it to him :) my munchkins a little softy at heart he needs me to act as his backbone and security x thank you for you're supportive comments I do hope you're ok and copeing well x x

I will be praying for you hold ya head take care lata .