Hes Coming Home!!!

My baby is comg home in less than 80 days!! Im so happy because he was facing an 8 to 12 sentence. Good thing we hired him a lawyer he did a great job. He got all but the simple possesion charge threw out so all he has t o do is 120 days for the violation charge and then just have 2 years paper. He has already done 35 days. Im so happy right now nothing can take this smile off my ace. If he would have came home today would have een the best but at least hes not facing some years just days :). Cant wait to be able to  hold him and kiss him. Didnt think i would be able to do that for a while.
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my boyfriend has been locked up since august and he comes home in 29 days...i know he was only gone for 6 months but ****, it seems like its been a lot longer! i'm nervous because his dad isn't a huge fan of me since his family friend has been in his ear, spewing a buncha bullshit about me...im not sure of his motives, theres no reason for him to have done any of that, i've never done anything to him or given him any reason to be such a ***** but he DOES have a **** between his legs so i guess he's supposed to be a jerk right? lol kidding... it's also been hard though because i haven't heard from my boyfriend since before thanksgiving; last time that happened, when i finally did hear from him, he told me he ended up in seg. The whole "not knowing" a ******* thing is so frustrating. even if you call and try and speak to someone to find out anything you possibly can, they **** you around anyways.
its been a rough couple months, can u tell?

I know exactly how you feel my boyfriends been in since january and is due to come out the 30th of this month. I can wait for that day to come so i can hug him and kiss him and be a normal couple again. :) exciting stuff i bet you cant wait xx

were having troubles finding him a place to go when he gets out he cant just come home to me because of our 2 year old daughter.

Me and my man are having the same problem because im living with my mom and him and her dont get along at all. And his mom dont like me so where probably gonna be moving about an hour away from where i live now. Its gonna suck because i have a two year old little girl to. But my mom is gonna keep her for a few weeks til we get on our feet. Im just gonna miss her so much. I hope everything works out for you though :)

my boyfriend had a 120 sentence also only 3 more weeks for us now :)

I bet your getting so excited :). I cant wait til i get to the 3 week mark he still has 9 more weeks to go so its getting closer :)

Congrads girl I wish you the best !!!!!

Thank You :)

Congratts x Good luck does excist then lol :)

Thnk you so much ) and yeah it really does. I was preared to be without him for a long time now its only days away. I couldnt be happier :)