He's Become Bitter And He Doesn't Care.

My husband is 25 and this is his third time locked up. He just went in three weeks ago and for a little while he was optimistic. Now he's just bitter. He says he doesn't care about anything and that's the only way he can deal with being there. He got drunk and violent at home while his dad was over and his dad called the cops on him which messed up his parole plus he got a new charge. He lost his job and left me pregnant with no way to pay the rent. He'll most likely miss the baby's birth. I understand why he's mad, but he's treating me like I'm nothing to him. He showed up to the last visit I went to and explained that he was broken and full of quiet rage and he didn't want to bother with phone calls or visits anymore. He hasn't called me in days. I got a letter from him today and it was the same cold hearted anger at the world. He doesn't care about me right now. He doesn't care about the baby. It hurts so much to lose my husband to prison, and then to lose his heart to prison as well. He promised me it wouldn't be like this but he doesn't care about keeping his promises either. I feel like I can't handle this. How can I be bringing a little girl into the world and her daddy had already emotionally abandoned her?
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Thank you both for your comments. I'm realizing that my husband and I are codependent and I feel like if he's not happy I shouldn't be happy either. I need to focus on what is important right now, the steps I need to take to make a bright future for me and my daughter. I want him in my life but I don't want his negativity.

You need to be strong you have a little miracle growing inside that needs you that's who you must focus on right now. That baby needs you more than he does right now. You can't change people he's gonna have to want to do that . Pray for strength and hold on. I'll be praying for you. Take care of yourself and the little one inside.

keep your head up and be strong for your little girl. my sons dad has gone to jail for his 3rd time in our relationship the last time he got out he was the same way . he would tell me that in jail all you think about is your family and that it hurt him to think was i playing him or was i giving some other man attention that he was no longer recieving he was out on probation the last time and messed up so hes in there now for a mtr and as well as other charges. i wish you guys the best:)