I Miss Him

I miss my boyfriend so much,he has been locked up since March 2011.He gets out in 45 days on June 20th and i cant wait to have him home for good. Im kinda of depressed right now because tomorrow is his visit day and im not going because his ppl isnt going,I only get to see him once a month on the first Sunday! ;/ But he is going to be home soon. I been by his side since day one through it all the good and bad. He is my evrything and so much more. We plan on living togehter real soon and getting married after i graduate from school. We may be young but we are so inlove nothing or noone can tear us apart.I love him with all my heart not  aday goes by that i dont think of him. I counnt down the days till i can have him home for good. When i get a letter from him my whole day brightens. He makes me smile and he isnt even here with me. There is noone that has ever made me feel this way. I truely love him with everything in me.Its me and him against the world and as long as we have eachother we can get through anything. s
MrsDeshotel MrsDeshotel
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

Good for you. My baby's home on May 30th this year I can't wait although I can't imagine how hard its been for you my boyfriend only went in january this year and its been tough. But keep smiling and he'll be back safe and sound with you real soon x

Congrads girl I know you are ecstatic my man will be coming home this year also. I know you can't wait. I wish ya'll the best of luck take care. Lata