I Miss My Boyfriend Who Is In Jail

Well i see all of these were back in 2008 so lets start this again my fiance just got locked up 2 days ago i was the one who took him to turn himself in from the time we said goodbye to the drive home and a few days later all i do is cry we been unseperatable since we met he just lost his job so he cudnt afford to pay his PO any more so they put a warrant out for his arrest he turned him self in and just went to in jail court yesterday they say he will be only doin a month MAYBE that it all depends i can only afford to talk to him maybe 10 mins a day im also pregnant with my first child who is due june 8 he wont be able to be there which also sucks he sounds so miserable on the phone everywhere i go i see him and it just gets me more depressed ive never had to wait for some one before or had a situation like this so to me its scary i do give props to those whos men are in for years i dont know how they do it honestly all i could do is wait and pray and write letters til my hands hurt its hard to sleep when im used to havin someone be my blanket or pillow i just dont know what to do he was my company and now im alone i kno its only a month and its gonna fly by but its stil hard plzzz i just need someone else to talk to whos in the same boat goodluck
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

At least you know how long he gonna be in there, i dont know how long my bf gonna be gone, and he was everything so feel lucky

I'm in the same boat as you are... I can't see my fiancé though only his guardians are aloud to see him :( he has up to 6 months In a group home though. The one thing I learned to do though is stay strong and stay positive. Pray to god everyday. And write to him everyday show him all the Love you can and let him know you really support him.

Girl be strong you have a little miracle growing inside of you that you have to be strong for . Your doing the right thing praying, writing letters, you must also stay positive . I'll be praying for you take care., lata