My Boyfriend Is In Jail...

He went to jail for dumb stuff he will be in there till June 1st and then from there go to a group home for 4-6 months . I am missing him so much he's the only thing in the world that makes me happy.. He's been gone 4 days now .. This is so hard .. I can't go see him and I can't talk to him the only thing I can do is write him... And I been writing him everyday..
I'm so scared he's gunna lose interest in me or something or get over me while he's in there .. He has trust issues and I'm scared he is gunna be in there thinking I'm cheating on him or something .
What should I do?
Do group homes get home visits?
Will he be able to call me in a group home ( in jail only his gram and mon can see him)?
Is he gunna lose his feelings for me ( we been together a year now )
I could really use some advice ...
Happy mothers day !
Ashleilovestrevel Ashleilovestrevel
1 Response May 13, 2012

My love has been in there since March of this year and it is very hard. Its weird that you cant go see him usually its 30 days and then someone thats not family can visit thats what i had to do i dont kno much about group homes so i cant give u any advice on that but about him having trust issues all you can d is write in every letter of how much you miss nad love him and hes all you want luckly wen My fiance went in we found out i was pregnant so that calmed him down a little thye dont kno what we are doing out here and they have nothing but time to think so his mind will race i make sure i tell him i love him and i miss him very much and make sure you let him kno everytime you think about him all the time and you only want him he will feel really good wen he reads that ou will have your aguements and he might say dumb things and think you are cheating on him dont get mad just say you can think what ever you want i love you and only you and it seems to calm down the situation. Even tho im pregnant my fiance gets insicure some times and thinks im doing "something bad" and i ignore it and tell him i love him. If he honestly loves you he will think about you all the time and want to better yalls relationship if he looses his feelings while hes in there then he never truely loved you. Love will get you through anything hun. I hope all works out for you and yall make it through thi hard time. God bless you both.