Feeling Better But Still Missing Him:(

His gram went and seen him today he has gotten all my letters and wrote me two back but can't send them till Tuesday... He told his gram to tell me he loves me very much and to send pictures .. It's a relief knowing he is alright .. The wait for him is gunna be worth it and I hope every other women out there with a man in jail or prison that really loves them and they are seriously in love to wait and stay faithful and not mess things up. God put them in there for a reason and I believe that was to straighten them up and show them whats wrong is wrong and what's right is right. I'm glad my baby only has up to 6 months any longer and I think I would go insane ! If anyone needs any advice please feel free to message me .
Ashleilovestrevel Ashleilovestrevel
May 13, 2012