My Baby Is In Jail

we have been together a while and last night we had a really good emotional night he was crying on my shoulder no one has ever seen him cry and  he opened up to me and cried he has been thru so much we just sat and held eahcother all night it was like the best night i took him back this morning before i went to school and kissed him goodbye i got out to find out he went to see his probation officer and had a warrannt no one knows why they wont even tell ma (his mom) and now i wish i could have kissed him longer on our last kiss cuz i have a feeling he is going to be gone for a while cuz he just got out :((
imissyoublaze imissyoublaze
1 Response May 15, 2012

i cant stop thinking bout all our good times i keep crying.. and we cant tell people we are dating cuz people around me like ta snitch on the age thing cuz they think iits funny to ruin someones life and my one friend has his wallet and likes him..i cant even tell her ta back off and give me his wallet with his id in it cuz she wll wonder why..but i want it to have cuz i should be the one holding it