The Love Of My Life Was Taken Away From Me...

Yesterday was probably one of the worst days of my life. My boyfriend who had a warrant for his arrest was captured by two bounty hunters right in front of me. I felt so helpless and broken. It hasn't even been a whole day yet, but I know that this is just the beginning of a long road. He was wanted for missing court for his 8Th driving on a suspended. I feel like people and my family are going to be quick to judge him but it really is such a bullshit charge. Unfortunately they take it very seriously where we live. I've been waiting all day for his call and thought that I had money on the phone from when I was in jail (Yes, I know that sounds bad.) but apparently the stupid a*holes at Global Tel Link took all of my money! So, all I got to hear was him state his name. I'm hoping he doesn't get discouraged and calls me again soon. I hope he doesn't get more than 3-6 months I really am crossing my fingers! He had a bond hearing this morning and I'm pretty sure they aren't going to give him one since he bucked on his bond already. I'm just sad and lonely, this past year has been horrible and this is just the icing on the cake! I really hope time goes by fast because I miss his smell and feel. I love this man so much, the bond we share is indescribable. I really do sound like a total sap, but I've never been truly head over heels in any of my relationships until I met him.

This is just the beginning for me...only time will tell. - Good luck to the rest of you ladies who are dealing with the negatives of the system...This too shall pass*

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2 Responses May 18, 2012

Hi I'm new to all this so not sure what to write. My boyfriend is in prison too but I'm from the uk so its a little different over here. He's got a reputation for being "naughty" but he changed when we got together he actually started respecting people and people started to respect him. Unfortunately we split for 2 days and he ended up in jail. I love this boy so much I hav changed the whole of my life for him, gave up my job, moved countries away from everyone and everything we know and I have also lost a lot of friends and family through my relationship with him. He has now been in prison for 4 month and still hasn't been to court to find out how long he will hav to be in there for. But that's coming up in June. That has been the hardest part (not knowing how long) my so called family and friends all tell me to leave him and come home saying he's no good for me. Trust me that's not what u want to hear. <br /><br />
My boyfriend can't phone me that much as he doesn't have that much money and I tell him to make sure he phones his mum and nan aswell so I speak to him around twice a week which is hard! He doesn't write as he doesn't have a good concentration span so basically we have hardly any communication. <br /><br />
I suppose the point of my comment is to say... I have learnt in these past few months that the more u sit back and dwell on ur situation the harder it gets, the slower time goes and the more depressed u will feel. I did this for the first two month and cried my self to sleep everyday and woke up crying of nightmares of him in there. Me and my boyfriend spent a lot of time together so I took up a new hobby to fill my time why not try this. And if anyone starts to put your relationship down remember the people who truly care about you will be the ones who sit there and listen and instead of judging they stand by you and help you. Times like this you find out who your real friends are! If you ever need to talk inbox me :-D

Omg samething happened too me , go read my story. Its sad but wr can get through it, just remember he needs you now then ever, so dont leave him. Write him lots it makes them happy. Keep my update (: