Been There Done That.... Found Better & He's Worth It

Personally my story is a twisted one, my ex boyfriend I was with for almost 6 years from elementry throughout high school he had gotten arrested September 2009 long story short he got sentence 2 years .. The love I had for that kid I was ready too wait a lifetime but one problem he had a bit of a cheating problem throughout our relationship even right before he went into jail we weren't even together he was busy ******* my cousins girlfriend. Anyways he had said he would change and I believed him the 1st year was easy because he has away with making me lock myself away from everyone which I did basically for the 1st year and had very few friends. I later ended up getting his name tattooed on my chest to find out during my two week healing period of my tattoo he was cheating during his jail time(tlking to other girls) I got so insecure I basically gave up after getting lecture by all my friends how stupid I was for getting this tattoo at 17 years old. After everything was said and done I basically looked at my relationship as a lost cause so I took another friendship more seriously long story short my (ex) came outta jail but I remained with the other guy with a brand new tattoo covering my ex's name. With almost 3years into my new relationship I kind of found myself in the same situation with my new guy he's looking at 2 1/2 years could get paroll at 10 & 16 months which I have no problem waiting for him because this relationship is perfect and flawless no cheating or anything. Basically we lived together for awhile 1st my place and now his I constantly find myself writing him I have fresh pictures of us together all over our bedroom and sometimes I get so depressed because its like I finally find something that makes me beyond happy all the time and it's just gone even tho I no he'll be back what I'm asking is what should I do to help the depression? The constant feeling of not wanting to do anything but write him, wait for collect calls or visit him ? Being with this guy makes me beyond happy after 3years his calls, texts and prences still makes my heart skip a beat .
HisLadyMeyler HisLadyMeyler
May 20, 2012