I Cant Stop Crying

Me and my bf have been together for about a year in a couple of months we've been through so much drama and is anything you can think up we did everything thing you can think of together. He was my heart. He never was a faithul guy before we was together. He also has this crazy ex that would not leave him alone, and she use to threathdn me and my life. So iy was rough getting us too have the peferext relationship. And when we did BOOM hes in jail. He went too jail may 10th they pulled him out of bis sleep, and i got a phone call while i was at school from him and his mother saying he was in jail. Idk what to do its been two weeks now he has not seen the judge or been sentence anything, so i been waiting and its tearing me apart. How long does it usually take too see the judge after you have been arrezted. I try too see him but he can only get two vistors per week and i try not to use them all becUse his fMily wants to see him. I cant eat or sleep, i tried moving on but my heart wont let me nor my family or friends. Idk what to do anymore i need clousre.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Oh i ment "weak" not week. =)

Oh my gosh that sucks. We get two visits too! And my bf hasnt been sentenced yet neither and its turning me into a nervouse wreck. Oh mamaz Eat! I didnt eat the first days my man got locked up but then i started getting dissy and week. I know how much that sucks im tearing up right now. And well its your decicion if your willing to wait for him. In the end you have to do what will make you happy. And usually for the visits they let in more than one person. You might want to check tha facilities rules and regulations. You might be able to go see him along with his family. And you may ask the family for like a few minutes with you two alone after they have talked to him so you could tell him whats going on with you and you two could talk about your relationship. Check how long the visits are too to assure you will have time to talk.