Bf In Jail...never Told Me Why...

I live in Thailand and my bf is Swedish. We have been in a serious relationship for almost 3 years and we have lived together. He stayed with me for a year and then had to go back to his country as his visa expired in 2011, we were apart since. Jan 12 he was at the airpot in his country scheduled to get on a flight to come back to me, he got picked up at the airport and was extradited to the US.

The first 2 months we could only communicate throug letters every week. Now he is in the US we are connected through the messaging programs that the facility provides. But with time difference, we can only see messages once a day.

He has never told me why he was in there, I know in my heart it is nothing relating to drugs, murder or abuse. I know it is something to do with his business and this is a civil case. I have tried to ask him why he only told me "I cannot tell you, I wish I could, there are reasons I cannot talk about this with anyone". I had nothing to say further.

It has been 4+ months and I do not know when he will be sentenced. He only said there were meetings and discussions going on without telling with who and what is being discussed. Latest message I had, he said things are looking much better and that he would have to remin in the US for a while.

I really dont know what to feel any more, I wish I could get some advice from anybody who knows anything about this. I have been very depressed as I found out that the day he was supposed to arrive, he made a plan to propose to me and we would get married and start a family.

I have been very sad and depressed and through our messages I expressed my feeling outbursts etc etc. He blamed me for being unsupportive while out here I take care of his issues and business on a daily basis. It is very hard for me to control and manage my feelings when talking to him as I feel that he is the only one I can talk about this with.

He said he loves me and he will marry me as soon as he gets out but at this point we dont know when.

I love him so much but I dont know if I should wait...I have been very depressed it is affecting my work and people around me.It is like I have a very dark cloud over my head. It is very difficult as he is locked up there and I am here, I cant even give him a visit as we are not in the same country. To go to visit him requires a visa and an oversea trip....if lucky I will ge to touch him but from what I see in the movie,,,,we can only talk through telephones with a glass in between us.

I wish I had someone to talk to about this, I am in a very bad place as this is affecting my work and people around me. There are days that I feel ok but there are also days that I am so miserable and wondering what is happening with me and how should I go on.....I love him very much but I dont know if I am strong enough to wait for however long more.....I really dont know what to do.
lonelybird123 lonelybird123
26-30, F
May 21, 2012