How Can I Get The Chance To Mail My Boy Friend Who Is In Jail...

I am a Chinese, my boyfriend is from Manchester, UK…at the end of last November, my boyfriend has been charged with the offense of counterfeiting goods.

I did not know that until got an email from his brother on 5th, Dec., 2011, and I got the chance to talk to his brother on the phone twice in the following days, but after that, no news any more……

I was thinking that apply for a visa to UK, it’s so difficult!!!

Then I attended there different courses in the training schools, everyday, almost same, working and studying, these two things make me feel really tired, some people even thought I am crazy, I did not explain anything, just keep doing.

While things are not so easy, I still feel soooooooooo sad, as long as there is a single free second. I have to admit that I miss my boy friend soooooooooooo much.

It’s almost 7 months I did not hear his voice, and can not mail him, can not leave message to him…I feel that I am dying…..

What should I do? What to do?

Anyone could give me a suggestion? Thank you so much

olelily olelily
31-35, F
May 21, 2012