My Boyfriends In Jail Until September 3rd 2012

Me and my boyfriend have only been dating 3 months but hes been one of my best friend for almost 4 years.. I just got out of a long relationship with my babies dad last year and getting with Mark is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. Hes only gonna be in jail until september so 3 months.. may not seem like anything compared to some of you ladies stories but id like to say it hurts just as much. My daughter whos almost 2 asks for him and its hard to hear.. I just want him out. When I visit its through glass and thats so hard not being able to touch him and see him all chained up..
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Oh 3 months u will make it through! Stay strong! U have your child to although she misses him she's a part of him! My bf been gone two months it's hard it's the loneliness. And knowing what you could be doing together :(

you all have it easy my fancie is looking at 2-3 years

3 mths does feel like an eternity its been 9 mths and its killing me worse now that the time is almost up cause its just draggin but when in doubt look back at all you have already gotten thru and seeing them thru glass ya that sucks too and my kids always ask for my bf and they just got to know him before he got locked up mine is one of a confusing story ive known him since 2007 but he moved to fl for a while and just came back up in aug got arrested and we had been talkin before he got arrested but only got together when he was in there its been almost a yr for me so these 3 mths are gonna suck even though i have already been thru 9 mths cause its like im so close but so far away but we will get thru it

just keep urself busy and write to eachother often as possiable. u guys will get thru this!

I know, i just gotta hold in there (:

don't worry!!!!! all will b fair in love..