Its Almost Been A Yr

Well My man and I started dating while he was locked up we would have been together prolly sooner but it didnt go that way I have known him since 2007 he was livin in fl for a while then we started talkin when he moved back up here last yr and he went to jail for a probation violation from 2007 he got a yr and 2 mths thats not the whole story but thats all i want to tell of it anyway we were talking about getting together sorta we admited we liked it each other and were constantly flirting lol but he has been locked up since aug of 2011 and we been officially together since sept of 2011 I been with him through this whole thing and I wouldnt change it for the world in the past 9 mths I have fallen so hard for him and its crazy the way I feel about him I have never felt for anyone before its been a long road seeing him thru glass for a half hr half hr phone calls once a week if I can afford it. Its almost over he got 3 mths left he should of been out in may then in july but they screwed everything up and its one thing to know the time but to keep messing with our emotions is hard I know sept isnt far but I miss him even before we got together hes the only person that has made me feel that comfortable around someone in a long time and we talk like we been together forever I just wish we could be out here together this **** sucks I cry all the time wishing he was here it sucks getting close to someone and having them be unreachable I see him and I want that glass to not be there I try to find things to do pass the time but its so hard to do when everyday is just as long as the one before I know it will go by but I miss him and its harder doing all the things out here i should be doing with him my kids miss him like crazy they love him and hes good to them even though he hasnt been around them that long they ask about him all the time and when hes coming home today his lawyer called and told me they couldnt fix the paper work so he had to do the whole 3 mths and it killed me I m sorry I am rambling and its cause my thoughts are everywhere tonight im happy he will be home in time for my birthday but it dont stop the missing him I know 3 mths isnt long but it still aint easy its been a yr in aug hes been gone and its been the longest yr ive had in a long time ugh well I am gonna go write his letter just wanted to let out some frustration i know alot of you understand exactly what im feeling its good to know i am not alone
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think yourself very lucky ive been with my faicee a year and hes lookind at 2-3 years inside im gonna stick by him no matter waht ill stand by my man hope evrthing turns out good for you good luck

ive stuck by mine and with only 3 or so months left i def dont plan on going anywhere but i hope all turns out well for you as well maybe you will get lucky :)

thankyou good luck tou to:)