My Faincee The Jail

me and my partner have been together 1 year hes the nicest guy you can meet but when i met him i kew he had a history for fighten hes only just turend 21 but his family dont really bother about him he basiclay only has me and my family hes the way he his becuses he blames him self for his best freinds death ,he got lifted 3 months ago he finds out how long he gets next month and to start with this was really really hard cuse his ex gf was filling my head with lies and everthing and i lost so much wait over it all but im suffern from deprestion ...but im ok now well most days i write to him everyday he wrote to me firts tho cuse iam new to it all i havent vist him yet i wil be visting within the next coupel of weeks when i get my pasport back ,i dont really do nothing alll i do is wait for him to phone and write back to my letter he tells me everyday and everytime he phones me he loves me and i trust him cuse i love him to ...but all i keep thinking is will we be together when hes out he says when he gets out he wats to get a house together&kidz and everthing he says hes scared of losen me and that he will do anthing he kan to make sure we have a futer together he is up for atempt to use and assult, but the longest sentence he is looking at is 4 year but his lawyer thinks hel get 2-3 years ...its only really difcalt for me cuse im out here and 2 of his exes trying to split us up and hes told them as many times to back offf they only started it all when he got the jail... can our relastionship survive???

pleas some advies hes the best thing iv had in a long time
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stay strong don't let them girls get to you. At least God willingly he won't do all that time Pray and stay strong and hold on and support him in anger management and just continue to pray take care i will be praying for you also. lata


You're so young. To have a future together, first you must plan for yourself. Hopefully you're financially stable by the time he's out. You'll also have to be prepared and allow him some time to get his life in order.<br />
Being in jail is not the worst thing. He could use this time to enhance his knowledge and prepare himself for a brighter future with you if he's serious bout it.<br />
As for his exes, care less bout them. your priority should be focusing on your self growth. Before loving someone, you must first love yourself ;)

well im taken it 1 day at a tim im away to apply for coolage and do work experience , then al be gettin a job wihiel i vist him and keep writen to him and phonen him andwhiel he get anger mangemet and conciln

Keep working on that ;) maybe he should also pick up a course. I ain't sure how do you really apply it in jail, but I know you can request for it.

well al talk to him abut that tomorrow when he phones thankyou for the suportt :)

In college, I played in a band who specialised in prisons & youth detention cedntres<br />
<br />
Contact & bfriend the chaplain & ask ya bf to do that too<br />
<br />
Google Prison Christian Fellowship to be in touch with folk in the same position for mutual support<br />
<br />
I think you also need to google the mindset of violent men<br />
<br />
It's not impossible he's trying to control you & may at some time be violent with you<br />
<br />
Ask the chaplain's advice<br />
<br />
Your bf needs anger management<br />
<br />
If he refuses, dump him & google best free online dating

hes seeing a phscitrist and hes doing angr mangment and he says hes willing to change thank you for you help


That's good to hear, Rachel

All the best