Still Waiting....

A month has gone by since the last hearing my boyfriend had. It went the same as the others. He's scheduled again for 06/16/08. The good news is that hes recieved a couple of ohne cards, so we have been able to talk a little bit. He seems to be doing well, but its hard to believe in him becuase there is no way to know if he has changed, or is just on good behaviour for awhile. It lokks like he may actually get out of jail within a couple more weeks. The D/A is trying to get him into a rehab. He thinks he'll be offered 1 year in rehab 3 yr probation so that he can get out of jail early. Its a blessing i guess. He isnt really an addict, he doesnt drink that often, but when he does, he always goes overboard. When i told him this, he corrected me, he told me that he did drink alot, but when he'd stay with me, he would forget about it. I never really realized it. The rehab would be 30-60 more days before he could have visitors or go off the grounds. So if he does it into a program, ill still have a while before i can see hime. Then once the 30-6 days are up, he can come home on the weekends only. It harsh I think. A whole year of that? But at this time hes still in jail, and we talk for 40 min or until the guards shut off the phones. Ive been very lonely, but ive started to focus on myself some. I uess that would be my advice to everyone whose in my position rigt now. We are without our mates, but we can take that extra time and focus it on ourselves. It turns out im actually a little grateful for this whole crazy time.

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i going through the same sitituation at least your love gets to come home on weekends. But i'm going to try focusing on me maybe he'll be home sooner then you know