Feeling Sad :(

Hey girls my baby is been lockd up for 3months goin for 4 this month I miss him so much the really first months really hit me i was goin on a depreesd but with the time I got stronger his calls & letters make it better :) they gave him 12months but if he behaves they take away 3 months . But sometimes my family ask Mee "r u really waiting for him ? Or tell me "with the time when he has half of year of being lock up your not goin to wait for him anymore " thats what puts me down because I don't want that I really want to wait for him beacuse i really really love him like no other :'( Iam scared wat might happen in the future ;/ I know he loves me like I love him he always tell me he can't wait until he gets out & marry me & have our little family . I already want this to end i want him back home :'( iam scared he might get more time in there he already got into 2 fights :/ ... & I think this weird my boyfriend didn't let me have Facebook but when he found out that i got it he got pissd but then he told me not to take it off , he doesnt let me go clubbing without him Jus with him beacuse Like how i drink thats why his scared something might happen to me but now he lets me go out with her sister , another thing he didnt want me to work beacuse he was goin to be the one who was goin to work for us but now he lets me work hummm :/ weird ... Maybe he doesnt love me nomore :'( I don't want to loose my fatty :((
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im with rachel he wont let u have a facebook u cant go out without hym im goin to say dum hym but why is he controlin u like this ur ur own woman not hys pet gurl do the right thing and pary ask god is this the reationship for me is my time worth waittin for

Well I still do what I want & he doesn't treat me like his pet girl he Jus doesn't want me to find someone while his there . & ima wait for him beacuse I really love him . We have been dating since 2009 i Dont want to let him go I knw he loves me Iam goin to be By his side no matter what.

i never said he was they way u wrote u made it seem like he was

Oh no my bad

you say he didnt let you have facebook , tbh i dont blame him facebook is nothing but trouble and he will defoo be insicuer now cuse he knows there more chance of you leaving him now than there was when hes out that will be why he dont like u going clubing alone incase u find somone better my mann is the same he hinks im gonna leave him but he lets me do what i like cuse he trusts me and the reson he dosent want u working is cuse he want to be the provider in ur relastionship cuse its a pride thing and ur lucky my man hasent been sentenced yet and you need to get him to stop fighting but here in scotland if you are allready in the jail and u get in a fight nuffing happens apart from you get ur tv taken for 4 days in america is a bit more stricked so he might get time added on

Well he said no to take it off because there I can communicate more with his mom & sisters , but he knows I don't reply to guys he said "thanks bby for that " but maybe i think he doesn't want me too take it so their sisters can Cheke what Iam Doin because I always tell him wat I do & he says i knw babe brianna (his sister ) told me as long you behave & you have me in Ur toughts all day it all good . Iam like oh ok ... & when i go clubbing I just go with my girls I never dance with guys nothin like that . But I hope they don't add more time :/

just be careful he could just be keeping you sweeet till hes out but dont listen to everyone eals if you dont make ur own choice then you wont get anywhere in life you will find out if you have made a mistake but your lucky my mand could get anything from 18 months - 3year but hes done 6 months and it get halfed

Nah I don't think Iam makin a mistake I already talk to his mom & told me not to think like that because he really loves me :) yeah I might be lucky but it feels like forever.

Nah I don't think Iam makin a mistake I already talk to his mom & told me not to think like that because he really loves me :) yeah I might be lucky but it feels like forever.

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Girl your lucky that he's getting a short sentence. The time will fly by.

I know but its still hard because I used to see him everyday